Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Heartbreak as £50,000 Purfleet skateboard park goes up in flames

SKATEBOARD fans were left heartbroken this morning as a visit to a new park in Purfleet unearthed that it had been severely damaged by fire.

The park at Spiderfields off Tank Hill Road was opened in February 2012 with over £50,000 spent on facilities for skateboarders and parkour enthusiasts.

But when Parkour expert, Rabin Beeloo and colleagues visited the site on Thursday morning, they discovered that a large section had been ravaged by fire.

But Mr Beeloo who has combined his two careers as a family intervention officer with Team Traceur, a parkour and free-running team, will not take this lying down and will be organising a clean-up over the next few weeks.

Once full details are known, YT will publicise the event.


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