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Purfleet mum in despair at state of her house

A PURFLEET mum has told YT that she is at her wits end at the state of disrepair in her house.

Alison Hoban has a huge hole above her kitchen and under her bath which has water dripping onto her kitchen floor.

Alison feels she is not getting any clear indication from the council that they will get the hole repaired.

With mould also a factor in the house, the mother-of-two, is now concerned for the state of health of her family.

We went to Alison’s flat in the Garrison estate to assess the damage.

YT contacted the portfolio holder for Housing, cllr Val Morris-Cook and she has pledged to investigate the situation and take the necessary action.


  1. Was it not the Portfolio Holder Val Morris Cook who stood up in full council and bragged about how she had managed to get rid of the last repirs contrcat at no cots to the council and get the wonderful new contractors on top of the repairs? No wonder she wasnt available for a comment !!

  2. This is absolutely heart breaking, just looking at this women she is suffering from toxic mould and what ever else is in that water. Barbara Brownlee you should feel ashamed with the way this family have been treated by your staff. How many more are we going to see living like this, yes you guessed it 10,000. Val Morris Cook you need to stop patting yourself on the back, you have a duty of care, could you advise when that is going to start taking place.

  3. If this was a private rented property Environmental health would be down on the Landlord like a ton of bricks threatening legal action.

    Perhaps Alison Hoban should get Environmental Health involved. The Council is not exempt from Environmental Health regulations.

  4. Ed, you are right when you say Councils would be “down on private landlords like a ton of bricks”. But, according to Cllr Gledhill, Councils are exempt from the laws and regulations applicable to private landlords regarding the issue of “damp and mould” and he suggests a change is required to the law to ensure Council “landlords” are subject to the same rules.
    It is disgraceful that Ms Hoban, or anyone else, has to live in such conditions but it is made even worse when there is no “forseeable” end to her misery and the Council claim it would be too costly to make her home safe and decent to live in. If that is the case then surely it is not unreasonable for the Council to rehouse Ms Hoban in a safe and decent property free from serious threats to her health and safety and members of her family.
    Councillors and Council Officers ask yourselves “would I be prepared to live with the conditions Ms Hoban is currently living with”? If your answer is no, which I suspect it will be, then do the right and decent thing and immediately relieve Ms Hoban from the dangers and misery of the conditions she has to endure daily. GIVE HER A DECENT AND SAFE HOME NOW!

  5. Mr Perrin I am genuinely astonished if Local Authorities are excluded from environmental health legislation regarding the conditions of their homes they expect tenants to reside in!


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