Thursday, April 18, 2024

“Don’t call them Black churches” says cllr Tunde

A LEADING Thurrock councillor has criticised a Thurrock Council equality report for its description of churches in the borough as “Black”.

South Chafford councillor, Tunde Ojetola was responding to an exhaustive report on equalities by communities portfolio holder, Lynn Worrall.

The appendix part of the report refers to the Buchanan report and faith groups that took part in the study.

It states: “Around 88 faith groups took part in the Buchanan faith study, which provided a 29.5% response rate. The majority of the responses came from Black Churches, Baptist Churches and other Christian Churches.”

Cllr Ojetola took exception to this. He stated: “The churches should be described by their faith or sect and not by their colour.”

Many of the churches are Pentecostal, Baptist and Seventh Day Adventists to name just a few.

The Kings Family Church in Aveley describes itself on its website as Pentecostal whilst the Redeemed Church in Tilbury describes itself as Christian.


  1. I understand that the term ‘black’ is frowned upon these days but, sometimes, it is the only word that can be used to accurately describe a thing. In this case, if you say it is a black church, everybody knows what you mean, it isn’t meant as a racist comment at all, just a fair description of what it is. Sure, you could break it down by saying something like “It’s a Pentecostal Church with a largely black congregation” but it’s a bit unwieldy and, I guess, some would even moan at that.

    Before anybody has a go about the use of the word black to describe (for want of a better term) people of African origin, it seems acceptable to use it for the MOBO awards without drawing accusations of racism so it is fair to use it in the context of Churches (COBO anyone?).


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