Monday, May 27, 2024

Man arrested after drunken fight in Grays High Street

POLICE ACTED swiftly to stop a fight between four people in Grays High Street on Thursday afternoon.

The incident occurred on the main precinct opposite the TSB Lloyds.

A police spokesperson said: “Police attended after a call reported a disturbance. A 45-year-old male was arrested and was conveyed to Grays police station.


  1. I work in Grays and the town centre is becoming a very unpleasant place. Not so bad in the winter when the unemployed, drunken yobs tend to stay under their stones. Get the nice weather though and out they come shirts off, bodies out a can of lager is their hands swaggering down the high street. Often unaccompanied by charming females usually pushing buggies arguing and swear use foul language in front of their offspring. All living off the very generous benefits system no doubt. I have witnessed very unpleasnt scenes between these low lives when shopping and it makes me very angry that I, my husband and other hard working taxpayers all go to work to keep these parasites.


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