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MP highlights hidden world of slavery

JACKIE Doyle-Price MP attended one of the most dramatic and distressing exhibitions ever promoted in the House of Commons highlighting the hidden nature of Modern Day Slavery by depicting real stories of victims.

The survivors who shared their stories with the Human Trafficking Foundation to create the exhibition attended the opening. Among them was Cristina, a Romanian girl sold by her mother into prostitution in Birmingham when she was 16 and who narrowly escaped being snatched from her local authority care home by her traffickers. There was also a man, duped by a job advertised in Hungary, and on arrival here forced to work without pay, compelled to open a credit card account operated by his slave master and forced to claim benefits for non-existent children.

No one knows the real numbers involved. Yet, the Serious Organized Crime Agency knows that at least 2,000 victims are found each year. However, they believe that is the tip of the iceberg and that for every victim found, another ten remain hidden. The Human Trafficking Foundation concludes there must be up to 20,000 slaves in the cities, towns and villages of the UK.

Of these victims that have come to light, 49.5% are known to have come from the South East.

MP for Thurrock Jackie Doyle-Price said “I was appalled to learn about the extent of modern day slavery. There will undoubtedly be people who have been trafficked to the UK and abused living in Thurrock. “As a result of what I’ve seen today, I want to ensure that everyone is more alert to the signs of modern day slavery. WE have to learn to see the signs. People leaving home very early in the morning and not returning until late in the evening, properties with many people living in them and not engaging with their neighbours – if you see anything suspicious report it. This is a big business organised by organised criminal gangs.

Anthony Steen, Chairman of the Human Trafficking Foundation said: “What is amazing is that trafficked children, unlike adults, are offered no special care in spite of what they have been through. They have no safe haven since in local authority care hundreds of trafficked children go missing each year.

Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, the Prime Minister said: “Modern day slavery comes in many forms, in many ways, and we have to have a really concerted approach to crush it, to stamp it out and to make sure that we look at the rights of those who are affected and take a criminal approach to those who are the traffickers and above all call it what it is: slavery. “Congratulations to all of you for putting on this exhibition here in the mother of parliaments; it’s the right place for it to be. I very much look forward to seeing the exhibition, to meeting those who have been caught up in this appalling trade and to leading a government that will help stamp it out.”


  1. We know there a problems we have been banging on about things like this for years.

    Question is your the government what are you going to do about it?
    I see you didnt outline any plans.

    Is the Tory plan to see if UKIP have any ideas on how to deal with this. Because highlighting a problem when your in government is a cop out. We need action Jackie.

  2. Whilst I note the MPs genuine concerns about slavery in the UK which is commendable and I’m sure everybody feels the same way, to be made to work and provide labour for which there is no remuneration is against everything in this modern world, nobody should be made to work for a pittance, this is of course fundamental and should be against the law.

    Workfare scheme so what is the difference between slave labour and somebody on the Workfare scheme, under the distasteful banner of getting people back to work.

    Not quite exactly the same but the basic principle and outcome I believe are very close.

    And publicly promoting concerns about slavery in the UK is a noble cause, but I believe charity begins at home, and I would expect the MP to be more concerned about her own constituents, some of which are most certainly at breadline level and need assistance, the latest statistics for England are one in five families are now borrowing money to buy food, the sixth biggest economy in the world and one in five families are borrowing money to buy basic essentials and to put food on the table,

    I think her priorities are somewhat warped.
    With the additional fact, we are at an all-time high of opening food banks courtesy of the policies of which she stands by, I think she could do a lot better for the people who put her in the position she now finds itself.

    As for the pummeling her party took from UKIP of late ,I feel it emphasises the exact state of her party , basically the Tory party do not listen to people’s concerns or their views and more importantly their needs, the Tory party is so far out of touch with the ordinarily people of this country it beggars belief

    Valen (Myles) Cook keep up the good work


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