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Council launch probe into handling of Baldwin enquiries..or have they?

THURROCK TORIES claim that Thurrock Council will launch its own investigation into the handling of requests for information surrounding possible benefits probes surrounding a Tilbury councillor.

Last week, it was reported that Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park ward councillor and mum-of-ten Claire Baldwin was involved in an investigation by Epping Forest District Council into an alleged housing benefit matter.

Following a meeting on Monday night, Thurrock Tories released a press release claiming that Chief Executive Graham Farrant has launched an independent probe into how the council dealt with questions about the investigation.

Following questions from the Thurrock Gazette newspaper and a Freedom of Information request, the Council issued a statement saying: “The Council has not prosecuted or completed any investigations against councillors or senior Council staff in the last year.”

Whether this was disingenuous or designed to mislead is debatable but either way it led to allegations of “cover-up” and political collusion.

The circumstances led to the meeting taking place on Monday between Conservative leader Cllr Phil Anderson, his deputy Cllr Rob Gledhill and Mr Farrant.

The Tories later issued a press release that an internal probe was underway and the case would reviewed by an external organisation, probably the Council’s auditor RSM Tenon.

Cllr Anderson said: “I am pleased that the Council seem to be taking this matter seriously and are accepting that there must be no appearance of a cover-up here.

“Cllr Baldwin should expect to be treated exactly the same as any other member of the public: that means a fair and impartial investigation, followed if necessary by a fair and impartial trial.

“My concern is that so far that doesn’t seem to have happened.

“We will be keeping the pressure on to make sure that there are no further delays and that any internal mishandling of this case is exposed and dealt with.”

However, when YT asked Thurrock Council to confirm or deny whether such an investigation was taking place, they issued the following statement.

“The only time Thurrock Council would make any comment on fraud investigations it was carrying out would be when court action was being taken and possibly not until the court had made a decision

“Therefore it would be inappropriate to comment on allegations such as the ones in your email and the council cannot confirm or deny the allegations.”


  1. It’s like having Del Trotter running the council. What wil the council announce next, Tilbury spring water, genuine rolex watches for a fiver being sold in the market on the local Labour party stall. What’s the Labour party’s election slogan for next year? This time next year we’ll all be millionaires.

  2. I think Councillor Anderson or as I like to call him the vegetarian option ,as got more front than southend. He should sort out Joy Redsell and stop having double standards instead of your Thurrock paying him lip service your thurrock should get him to answer some questions about Joy Redsell a far more serious matter. Phil Anderson 0 ,Phil Anderson integrity 0

  3. In politics it isn’t about right or wrong – it’s about knowing where all the bodies are buried.

    If Councillor A get exposed by their colleagues for voting on their partners planning application…

    Would Councillor A expose Councillor B & C for enjoying an undeclared all expenses holiday paid for by Councillor A’s partner?

    And if Councillor B is exposed for taking freebies from a developer would they then expose Councillor D for voting to award a Council contract to their relative but failing to declare they were voting to benefit their relative?

    And if Councillor D is exposed would he then expose Councillor C for removing large quantities of stationary from the Council to use in their business?

    And if Councillor C is exposed for stealing Council stationary would they then expose Councillor E and Councillor F for removing hundreds of reams of paper from the Council to enable party X to print their election stationary.

    And if Councillor E and F are exposed for stealing Council paper for use in party Xs election leaflets would they then expose Councillor G, Councillor H, Councillor I and Councillor J for using their Council mobiles to canvass residents during election time.

    Where you have a corrupt political party you get a situation where you have a circular firing squad in which nobody has the courage to pull the trigger to expose a colleague’s corruption because everyone else has dirt on everyone else.

    Of course the above examples are not based on reality and are only used as fictional figurative examples not based on any alleged corrupt or criminal activity by anyone living or dead and are not based on any councillors either alive or dead or serving or former councillors.

  4. In that kind of case, I’d expect the officers who worked closely with cllrs A through I to report the alleged dodgy dealings. For example, a PA

  5. It was a sarcastic dig when I mentioned Del Trotter. I’m really not sure whether that goes far enough now. Can someone please deal with the antichrist Redsell. Maybe MI6 should be called in along with special forces as it’s clear the police and criminal system in this country are unable to deal with her demonic powers.

  6. Descamisados – and if a Council Officer is aware of allegations and reports them – what happens if the Councillors of the political group circles the wagons, denies the allegations, comes up with plausible but fake excuses, gets signed affidavits handed in to the Council’s Legal Department denying the allegations, accuses the Council Officer for having a vendetta, gets filmed on YourThurrock claiming something is fake, creates an anonymous Blog vilifying their perceived enemies.

    How can a political grouping remove a rotten apple when the whole barrel is contaminated?

  7. NoVoice – Teflon will go whining to the Police that you are harassing her and have a nasty vendetta. If someone has evidence of wrongdoing then they need to go to the Police – but I refer to my earlier comments about a circular firing squad – do you really think someone will pull the trigger?

  8. Talk about rounding the wagons good bloggers.? But this story is about Baldwin not Redsell, why do all the red bloggers insist on bringing up old ground as I said in an earlier post on this site “just because Redsell is seen to be dirty it does not mean Baldwin should be allowed to be” now as I see it the Redsell saga has been investigated far more times than it needed to be yet we still await the investigation on Baldwin, just as a different side story what’s happened to Kielys investigation?

  9. Dear ed,
    This is straight from the horses mouth, I have put another email into councillor Anderson, which is asking him to respectfully respond to my concerns concerning councillor Redsell.

    Since he had the original email for over a week with still no response I have informed him if there is no response by Tuesday the 28th of may I will be putting in a standards complaint to the council.

    And then I will be going along to Grays police station and expressing my concerns to them.

    Colin churchman

  10. Ed I was referring to the fact that several years after the fact some people will not accept defeat on an issue. I don’t really believe Ms Redsell is the antichrist but some people clearly do and obviously have a very boring life and can’t move on. I’m with Bernard 87. She’s been busy. 10 kids, a councillor, apparently two homes and allegedly a wayward partner who doesn’t know where he lives. Keep your eye on Kent he looks like he’s out to mount a coup d’etat. Last seen selling genuine Armani suits and £9 notes allegedly.

  11. Colin I fear you are on a hiding to nothing.

    Far better to put all that effort kicking your political enemies where it will really hurt – in the ballots.

    Politicians fear electoral defeat.

  12. […] It’s been reported that Cllr. Claire Baldwin (Lab. Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park) is under investigation by Epping Forest District Council into an alleged housing benefit matter involving a property in Loughton. There are conflicting accounts as to whether or not she is also under investigation by Thurrock Council relating to a property in Tilbury – see here for the full story on Your Thurrock:… […]

  13. Colin, really simple, 2 options:
    1) buy a web address. Upload the evidence. Post a link to it.
    2) shut up and crawl back under your rock.

  14. Descamisados I think you will find all the rock space is taken up by people like your self and tory members

  15. The lack of a weblink in your previous post is very revealing. What you hiding? It’s not your name any more…

  16. Descamisados

    Firstly I haven’t got a web link , secondly I have attached my email address
    In an earlier blog

    Shelley for your information is the Blog name that i use on Your Thurrock the same as you use a Blog name on Your Thurrock. I don’t understand the problem?

  17. Problem is you could get yourself a free blog of your own on blogger or reddit or whatever, and you could publish all your marvellous evidence for all the world to see, and yet you haven’t. Just wondering why? Is your dossier “sexed up”?

  18. A photo proves nothing. Can you prove the date it was taken? Can you prove what is being discussed? And that’s just for starters…

    I guess YT won’t publish it because there’s a risk it’s libellous. I guess you won’t take the risk either. Shame really. The hostility is because you talk a good game but you are all mouth and no trousers, and actually I don’t like the idea of your hate campaign against a woman older than my mother. But that’s just me…

  19. Descamisados – indeed – a photo appears on an anonymous YouTube video last year some three years after the planning meeting – and this is the ‘evidence’ that shows wrongdoing. Unless the person who took the photo can grow a pair and a backbone and come forward and make a formal complaint then the photo proves nothing. But if they do come forward one has to ponder why they sat on their hands and did nothing for four years – apart from leaking photos for use in attacking Teflon and would they find themselves in a circular firing squad.

  20. I have to agree with a lot of what is said on this story,however I have to ask why no one from the council has come forward to answer any of these allegations against Cllr Redsell surely it would be in every body interests to
    1) set the record straight
    2) clear this woman’s name once & for all
    3) if any wrong doing has taken place then lets get it sorted once & for all
    This form of action would then settle the record straight once & for all
    Surely after 3 years this is the only way forward.

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