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Angry parents take to Facebook over Hassenbrook bullying allegations

AN INTERNET war of words has broken out over claims that a Thurrock school has not reacted strongly enough after a student was allegedly beaten while being filmed by a gang of fellow pupils.

The alleged incident at Hassenbrook Academy in Stanford-le-Hope came to light when a member of the victim’s family posted details on the “Stanford-le-Hope” Facebook page.

The parent published what they claim is an e-mail correspondence between the headteacher, Richard Glasby and himself.

In the e-mail,acknowledged an incident took place but believes it has been blown out of proportion.

Mr Gladsby’s reported comments on the incident say: “It is important that public perceptions be addressed in a positive way. No school, whether private or state funded, is immune from outbreaks of bullying.

“The incident to which you make reference was a spontaneous action. It was not in any way orchestrated as you suggest. Young people make mistakes when growing up and for those involved this was one such case.

“The perpetrators have been punished. Staff intervened very quickly once the commotion broke out.

“The unfortunate part of this is the reaction of adults who have misrepresented the scenario on a website and have deliberately chosen to do so.

“The pupils in Hassenbrook behave very well, but they are capable of excitable action.

“Part of growing up is to learn from mistakes.

“We shall consider how the public’s perception of the school is affected very carefully.”

Several hundred posts have been made on the topic, with some defending the school, though others have listed other incidents of bullying and violence though some comments go back several decades.

One teacher, who did not wish to be named, told YT that they had taught at several Thurrock school over the past two years and “discipline at Hassenbrook was a real issue”.

Security is a priority for the school. Last year, it was revealed that Hassenbrook Academy is one of two hundred schools in the country that has CCTV in toilets and/or near changing rooms.

The alleged incident may well be of interest to their chair of governors, Sir Graham Bright who is the police and crime commissioner for Cambridgeshire.


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