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Licences to be issued to private landlords

Conservative spokesman for corporate governance Cllr Tunde Ojetola said “This long overdue upgrade to the council’s basic systems is welcome.

“It is extremely important to ensure that we have a reliable network, enabling the council to provide excellent services and keeping residents’ private details secure. The council also needs to support and encourage staff and councillors alike to use their own devices where appropriate, for example ipads, when on the move.”


  1. It appears Thurrock council are in a time warp. This has been going on for years in other councils. Val to the rescue, not.

  2. Opportunity? Of raising money? Offering ? So its not compulsory then. Charging? Yep so when private sector rents are going through the roof the council wants to increase them further. Despite all you say landlords WILL pass it on. If Thurrock needs a Borough Council it seems a good opportunity not to start offering and charging for this privilege as soon as possible.

  3. I’ve seen this in action and it does weed out the bad landlords becasue they simply won’t shell out to ensure their properties conform with the standards required. These standards aren’t draconian. They simply mean landlords have to endure their properties are fit to live in. Market rents are market rents and if landlords want to try to recoup costs by charging beyond that market then good luck to them. From experience most of the bad ones simply sell up.

  4. Not sure about enduring their properties. Mine is cheap, basic but has all i want. Presumably some council busybody will visit pointing out this and that, costing money to fix that i will pay through a rent increase. Plus the cost of the licence.
    Even homes of multiple occupation that do meet all these ‘standards’ will cost more when the licence fee is added, as will ‘market rents’. Where do those tenants of bad ones who sell up, live?


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THURROCK Council plans to issue licenses after inspecting “homes in multiple occupation” in the borough.Wednesday (5 June) evening’s meeting of the council’s cabinet heard from housing portfolio holder Cllr Val Morris-Cook about the proposals.


She said: “The issue of homes in multiple occupation is becoming increasingly important as more and more homes are bought-to-let.


“Until now the council has met its obligations successfully through an informal route of inspection, advice and enforcement action, rather than by issuing paid licenses.”


She added that the private sector housing team had recently recruited people specifically to carry out “the full statutory licensing needed”.


Cllr Morris-Cook said: “This could start immediately, but we want to do things properly and put a fee structure in place so that any costs are recouped.


“Basically, this puts the council’s position in relation to private sector landlords on a more formal basis and makes sure we are carrying out our duties as far as houses of multiple occupancy are concerned – that they are inspected and safe.


“The fees proposed here compare favourably with neighbouring councils,  and in future these fees will be looked at along with all the other fees and charges, but it seemed a waste opportunity not to start offering and charging for this service as soon as possible.”