Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Jackie Doyle-Price rejects options for Thames crossing and calls on Government to relook at options D and E

THURROCK MP Jackie Doyle-Price has reiterated her opposition to the three proposals for a new Thames crossing and called on the Government to take another look at two options downstream.

When the proposals for a new crossing were first circulated in 2009, there were five options. These were the three currently under consideration and option D a link between the M2 and Canvey; and option E Isle of Grain to Southend. These options appear to have been discounted on the basis of cost.

Jackie said, “The options before us would add further pressure to our road network and to the A13. I am especially concerned that there is a growing body of support for Option C which is by far the least acceptable of the three options.

Support for Option C is for me indicative of support for a new outer ring. Whilst the new crossing will start off as a dual carriageway, once the road was built it would be an obvious solution to widen it to deal with future capacity needs. Thurrock will then be bisected not only by the M25 but by a further piece of national road infrastructure”

I therefore believe that with so much support being expressed for option C , the Government should look again at options D and E. Creation of a new outer ring to complement the M25 will improve connectivity between London, the South East and the Eastern region and will support growth and job opportunities.

In the meantime the Mayor of London is to build a new crossing at Silvertown and is planning further crossings. These crossings will alleviate congestion at Dartford until a new outer London link can be constructed”


  1. Option D would be the best option. It would link the unfinished M2 in Kent to Canvey, without being near houses and totally obliterating greenbelt and small villages (unlike Option C) and would link into the A130 which has to be one of the quietest A roads in Essex. This option along with a crossing at Silvertown and another at Beckton to Thamesmead would easily ease the burden at Dartford. The flood defence system that the government want should be incorporated into a new London crossing not dumped on us here in Thurrock.

  2. I see this was one of the projects announced in the £100 Billion of infrastructure investment proposed by the current Government. It is going to happen but exactly where and when who knows but all the chips are being stacked on some form of Option C.


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