Friday, April 19, 2024

Welcome Kate: Born on Monday at 4.24pm

BABY Kate received a royal welcome when she was born at Basildon University Hospital on Monday 22 July.

When coming into hospital on Monday morning little did Natia Kavelashvili know that she was going to give birth to her new baby girl at exactly the same time as the new Royal Prince was born.

Mum of two, Natia, from Langdon Hills, said: “I was being prepared to have a caesarean earlier in the day, but there was an emergency so my caesarean was delayed for a while. It is strange to think that this meant I ended up having my baby at 4.24pm – exactly the same time as the Duchess of Cambridge.”

Clare Panniker, Chief Executive at Basildon Hospital, said: “Seventeen babies were born at Basildon Hospital on the same day as the new Royal baby. Welcoming a new baby into the world is a special time for parents, whatever day it is, however there has been even more excitement in the air knowing that the Royal baby was born on the same day.

“Amazingly, baby Kate was born at exactly the same time.”



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