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Traveller movement set to file complaint over councillor’s “Gypsy cesspit” comment

REPRESENTATIVES OF the Irish Traveller community are set to file a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) as well as Thurrock Council after comments made by a Conservative Corringham councillor over a gypsy-traveller site.

Councillor for Corringham and Fobbing, Mark Coxshall, made a statement, after Thurrock Council refused to grant the site, near to the Five Bells roundabout, planning permission.

Conservative councillor for Corringham Cllr Mark Coxshall said: “The council has made a real mess of this by not nipping the issue in the bud at the start..but this is not going to be a quick conclusion to the issue, as I am sure this will go to appeal.

“The travellers are already starting to bed in for a long stay; they have permanent power and water. We all know what happens next, they start building walls and fences and we end up with a section of Stanford that looks like a cross between My Big Fat Gypsy Cesspit and Shameless.”

But the comments have deeply upset the Irish Traveller’s Movement in Britain (ITMB).

The ITMB is a national second tier community development charity working to raise the capacity and social inclusion of the Irish Traveller community in Britain.

A spokesperson for the ITMB told YT that they are set to make a complaint to the ECHR as well as Thurrock Council as they believed that the comments may have breached the councillor’s code.

A spokesman said: “The traveller family in Corringham had a right to apply for planning permission in retrospect and they have a right to appeal if they wish. They have the same rights to engage with the planning system as anyone else.

“But whatever the merit of this particular case, Cllr Coxshall’s and Thurrock Conservative group’s outrageous comments about the application betrays the prejudice behind their opposition.

“To assume a traveller family will inevitably behave in stereotypical way depicted on a controversial gypsy reality show is racism, pure and simple.”


  1. European Court of Human Rights? Please, do tell me which human right it is that allows you to pitch up wherever you feel like it and not be told to sling your hook.

  2. I love the old leftie’s when they lose. Throw in the race card as a last ditch effort. I know many Irish people in Thurrock and they travelled here from Ireland and got a job and bought a house. They didn’t buy a caravan and a 4 by 4 and set about turning various areas of the country into a tip and being generally disagreeable and in some cases downright nasty and antisocial. Those travellers, don’t you just love em.

  3. “A spokesperson for the ITMB told YT that they are set to make a complaint to the ECHR as well as Thurrock Council as they believed that the comments may have breached the councillor’s code.”

    OK good luck, see you in several years then.

    “Exhaustion of domestic remedies: Article 35 ECHR. ‘The Court may only deal with the matter after all domestic remedies have been exhausted, according to the generally recognised rules of international law ‘ “

  4. One of these ethnic minoroities bit my son on the face so hard that he took a lump of flesh out of my son’s face and my son required 14 stitches. My son was then threatened with reprisals if he pressed charges against the person. Are these the lovely ethnic minorities you’re talking about hot press.

    You seem like a person who likes to see public money wasted on pathetic jumped up incidences of petty name calling that the left have so obligingly let the Blairs and their chums make millions of pounds out of by fighting bogus human rights cases. Ethnic minorities my arse. A fake excuse to hide behind for a group of people that can’t abide by the law and the rules. They’ve had the planning hearing. It’s been rejected. If they want to appeal then make them pay for it and ask them where they got the money from to mount the appeal.

    They should all be asked to produce a set of accounts for what appear to be very lucrative businesses they run from home because there doesn’t appear to be much work involved.

    On the subject of no control over councillors and sleazy counillors, Has Kent got to the bottom of the Kiely investigation yet. How about Baldwins fraud case. If I was a cynical person I might think that Kent was pushing these aside so he can hang on to all the cash he’s claiming from the public.

  5. hotpress – otpress – the Buckles Lane site are Travelling Showmen – you wouldn’t want to call them travellers or Gypsies they would be most unhappy!

    Cllr Coxshall was (is?) the partner of Jackie Doyle-Price MP. He works for the local MPs and has (or did have) a senior position in the local Conservative Association.

    However I agree completely with you regarding his comments. This was a Planning Application not a character assassination of the applicant and his family. Planning applications need to be decided on points of planning law not smears and innuendos.

    Perhaps the travellers illegally developing the green belt should bung a few quid as donations to the local Conservative Party? After all that would appear to be one way to stop enforcement action on illegal developments in Thurrock…

  6. NoVoice

    [Are these the lovely ethnic minorities you’re talking about hot press]

    NoVoice I didn’t say they were lovely, I am sorry to hear about your son I’m sure not all travellers are the same,

    [They should all be asked to produce a set of accounts for what appear to be very lucrative businesses they run from home because there doesn’t appear to be much work involved.]

    Just because they have the ability to earn money, why should we hold that against them?

    But back to the point, on your Thurrock I’m sure you see from time to time Mike Casey does edit material which he deems inappropriate,

    Code of Conduct
    YourThurrock fully supports and subscribes to the Press Complaints Commission Editor’s Code of Practice.
    Comments are usually moderated.

    Our comments section are not there to host personal insults to people, persons or organisations nor indeed to sit as an on-line trial of a person (s) or organisations.

    If Mike can abide to these codes of conduct why can’t Tory members at Thurrock Council do the same

  7. You would think there would be a lot more comments on this story, it seems to me everybody has been told not to comment, in the hope that it will go away I don’t think it is

  8. Cllr Mark Coxshall having released this press statement, it has become quite evident that the racial incitement contained within it, must be in keeping with Phil Anderson’s attitude towards, the traveller population in the UK,
    I say this because after checking with quite a few media outlets it would have been Phil Anderson responsibility to sign this press release off, which makes him ultimately responsible for the content, so now we have two Tory members progressing this press release, and the leader of Thurrock councils, Tory group who signed off on it, and with no input from Thurrock’s two MPs, who knows it also might be their opinion as well, the press release I think breaks Thurrock Council’s code of conduct, it also breaks Thurrock Council’s policy on ethnic minorities, and I honestly believe that it could incite racial hatred.
    And as usual no comment from Phil Anderson, the only time we hear from this gentleman is when he demanding resignations from Labour members, is this the full extent of his leadership, unfortunately Mr Anderson people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones , but nevertheless a non-racial comment on the subject should be given, although I would dread to be one to put it together, simply because once you let the public know your true feelings concerning an ethnic minority, an apology I do not feel would have any effect, there is only one answer to this problem cut out the dead wood and start again, and Thurrock Tories have got plenty of dead wood.

    By the way Descamisados did you have a bad day at the office

  9. The Tories will expect the votes in may from the showman,traverllers,Gypsy they will be their best friends in may promising to help them with their grievances, furthermore within the LDF there was provisions for the Gypsys and Showman sites. Now we see the real face’s of the Tories unmasked as racist and trying to incite racial hatred. I wonder if the polices in the LDF will be honoured because of the likes of James, Mark Coxshall , Phil Anderson ,
    I found this on the Internet
    Crimes committed against someone because of their disability, gender-identity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation are hate crimes and should be reported to the police.
    Hate crimes can include:

    threatening behaviour
    damage to property
    inciting others to commit hate crimes
    You can report hate crime online.

    Call 999 if you’re reporting a crime that’s in progress or if someone is in immediate danger.

    If the crime isn’t an emergency, call 101 or contact your local police.

    So I am emailing this to all traverllers groups Gypsy movement group and the showmans Guild so let’s see what the members of the public think ? you get paid by Thurrock council to look after the residents well being, and help them WHAT HAPPEND HERE

  10. Telegraph

    Tory councillor facing hate charges over travellers jibe
    A Tory councillor is facing race hate charges after he appeared on YouTube saying travellers would “stick a knife in you as soon as look at you”.

    ELancaster Unity – Crap BNP Councillors
    17 Aug 2009 – A serving Burnley councillor could face criminal charges after a civil court … with intent to incite racial hatred – which he vigorously denied.

    Medway councillor David Carr suspended after claiming travellers …
    24 May 2013 – A councillor tasked with allocating traveller sites is being urged to resign … in a right-wing racist way, inciting racial hatred toward the gypsy and …

    There are hundreds of councillors incite in racial hatred make a stand against them

  11. I have been reading this article and what everyone seems to have missed that councillor Anderson obviously signed this press release off because the leader has to sign any press release off, therefore it must reflect his feelings’s if that is the case he has absolutely no right what so ever sitting on the planning committee. when he hears any planning application he is meant to be openminded,unbiased, transparent, and to consider every application on its own merit. So quite obviously that couldn’t have been the case, so he had no right being part of the decision making process on this particular application, so I believe councillor Anderson can no longer be part of this decision making process on the planning committee. The simple reason because how can the members of the public have any confidence in him making non racialist and non bias decision.So I believe that Cllr Anderson can not be any part of the decision making process due to his prejudice to different ethnic communities

  12. Ben Gatsby is an officer so I believe he is the press advisor so he should be made to resign with the others !

  13. I love the picture being painted that travellers are poor little inniocent victims of nasty racists. hot press, shelley, superman, you are 3 reasons why people in thsi country are voting UKIP. You are 3 reasons why Labour will lose the upcoming elections next year and the year after. You’re double standards and hypocrisy fit right in with the Labour party and that’s why I think people like you are great. There is no need to make a point. You make it for us. Unlike members of the Labour party, the majority of the electorate have eyes and their own experiences of travellers to bas their judgements on. As per usual the rabid race mongers on the left pick a group they can exploit by using the race card. It’s a depressing idictment of where the Labour party has sunk to to try and smear it’s opponents. Have a terrible day. Perhaps you can Find some Mongoloian midgets, sorry vertically challenged mongolians that have been oppressed and need you to ride to their rescue.

  14. NoVoice I would like to point out you that I am a fully paid up member of UKIP party also as a member of the public, I detest racial abuse of any kind I also believe because of the code of conduct is in place at Thurrock Council, and clear policies in place to stop race discrimination, cannot believe the legal Department once again at Thurrock Council, who have not acted upon this when it has a clear legal obligation to do so,
    I unlike you have had no bad experience dealing with travellers, perhaps because I have no preconceptions, I find if you leave people alone they tend to leave you alone, as for your comment playing the race card, I think you will find the Tory group of Thurrock tried to do precisely that and come unstuck.
    Let’s not forget nobody told CIIr Anderson and CIIr pretty boy Coxshall to put out this press statement they did so of their own accord, and then refuse to comment as usual, once again, surely NoVoice the statement warranted a comment, but as I’ve said in a previous comment, what statement could you put out to defend, the obvious racially abusive statement.
    What I do not understand is that Coxshall, after achieving the result he wanted, and Anderson, and by the way sit on the planning committee, achieving the desired effect even though, he was clearly predetermined felt the need to put out any statement at all, and especially I statement which you would expect to be produced by the English Defence League not the Tory group

  15. hot press if you are a member of UKIP then you should know that the setting up of groups like travellers as ethnic minorities is part of the left wing agenda to segregate all areas of society in order for them to ride to the rescue when someone says something they don’t like. The laws that were introduced by by the Labour party were a one way street against the majority of the public in this country and was a direct response to their mass immigration policies which they knew were going to be opposed by the public. They are almost universally seen as discriminatory against white British people who, it appears, are the only people that have the ability to be racist. Cases like the one above are prime examples of the ambulance chasers of the race relations industry, We play the race card for

    Do you remember Dale farm. Do you honestly think I’m the only person who has had less than favourable experiences with travellers. Do you think the staff and management want the travellers in the Harvester along the A13 opposite Chaffrord Hundred. Do you think the management of the Oaks want travellers in their pub. Do you think the managers and staff of the CO-OP on the parade in Lodge Lane want travellers in their shop. Are they all racist or have they had bad experiences with travellers.

    Don’t try and paint these people as poor little innocents that do nothing wrong. They gave themselves a tag which they seem hell bent on living up to. You are picking up on a statement that may have been wrong and are now blowing it out of all proportion.

    I’ll bet that I can find more people that agree with my point of view than you can that agree with yours. If these people are Irish they need to ask themselves why they need to describe themselves as an ethnic minority as the rest of Ireland would probably be insulted at the tag and rightly so. It’s a left wing ambulance chasers absue of the law to suit themselves hot press and you know it.

  16. Stuart/”Shelley”, two things

    1) Everything you said is inaccurate, apart from “I have been reading this article”
    2) You spelled my name wrong. Again.

  17. Thurrock Gazette

    A spokesman for Thurrock Council said: “These were comments written in a political press release issued by the opposition group on the council. The comments in no way reflect the policy or position of the council as a whole.
    “Thurrock Council has received complaints about the release and is investigating them as a matter of urgency.”
    Cllr Coxshall and the Thurrock Conservative group declined to comment further on the issue.

    Who is the political press officer? Accurate enough

  18. Can any politician get firm and go plain on what the vast majority of people want to hear. the answer is no. you will kiss your large vantage points goodbye in the not too distant future. tell them the truth hot press. Our debt is unpayable. in fact it’s worse than that. Go hug an immigrant, it wont save you.

  19. Nurse nurse he is out of bed again
    NoVice what on earth are you going on about who mentioned anything about immigrants I thought we were talking about the Tory group’s racial abuse of travelling families in Thurrock

  20. You are moron hot pants. You don’t understand what state this country really is in. call me Dave aint got a hope in hell of pulling it back. We are fu**ed. Your immigrant friends will be long gone when the sh*t hits the fan, that’s how loyal they are to this country.

    The world you want is a world of migrants/nomads. No control over states or borders. The return to the dark ages. You are an old fashioned anarchist. You are disappointed with socialism and communism because it hasn’t overtaken the world as you would have liked, I’m off to have a glass of very nice expensive wine. Education Mr hot pants. Blair was right but Humphrey enlightened him to the consequences.

  21. NoVoice
    Once again who mentioned anything about immigrants apart from yourself these people the Ward family are not, immigrants , after you have drunk your wine I suggest you hit yourself over the head with the bottle quite a few times I think it would have a far better effect than drinking it

  22. Nope didn’t work hot pants. All I’ve got is a lump on my head. But you’re still here so it must be reality. I do understand why you despise me. How can a racist ares*hole like me get on in life. How can I be a mentor to kids in an industry that makes people money. I don’t know Mr hot pants I suppose it’s just luck. you’ll see on the other story that I haven’t labelled these people immigrants. Or can’t you find that through the red mist. Keep breathing deeply hot pants it will all be gone soon.

  23. NoVoice
    You unfortunately lack the intelligence to upset me, you see in this life you either adapt or die unfortunately as I’m sure you’ve been told, you are a dinosaur, keep drinking the wine I’m sure it will make you feel better, and will give the wife a night off


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