Thursday, December 1, 2022

Residents in uproar as “Unbelievable stench” hangs over Tilbury

THE ENVIRONMENT AGENCY AND Thurrock Council have pledged to act after Tilbury residents complained about the stench that has spread throughout the town.

Residents have made the occasional reference throughout the summer but many woke up on Friday morning to what has been described as “an unbelievable stench”.

YT was contacted by residents on Twitter.

JohnnyC said: “We are suffering in Tilbury with a smell of lime based sewage cake. Reported over 30 times now in last few months @EnvAgency.”

Other residents have told YT that they have had to keep all doors and windows closed. On a day when the temperature is touching 80 degrees, residents are in a state of discomfort.

YT has been in contact with local councillors. Both cllr Claire Baldwin and Steve Liddiard have pledged to take action.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “We have received complaints about odour from Anglian Water’s Tilbury Sewage Treatment Plant.

“We conducted a site inspection on 1 August and have been in regular contact with the company to discuss the measures they are putting in place to control odour emissions from the site. Representatives from Thurrock Council have also been involved in some of these discussions.

“We will continue to work closely with Anglian Water until odour has been reduced to acceptable levels.

“Anybody who wishes to complain about the odour can call our incident hotline on 0800 807060 and we will feedback on our progress.”


  1. Not just Water Treatment Plant but Tilbury Fort Moats and Mud Bank between Ferry Terminal and Tilbury Fort. Stench at World’s End appalling today. How did I go swimming in Moat in past!

  2. I can assure everyone that this smell does not come from the Tilbury Fort moats. I have been in the moats many times (wearing waders) and there is no discernable odour apart from a salty/brackish one which is quite different and not offensive. We had a recent inspection from Thurrock Council Environmental Health because some local residents assumed the smell was from the moats but he confirmed that it was indeed caused by the sewage treatment plant.

    The smell from the sewage plant has been particularly noticeable over the last few days and many of our visitors have mentioned it so the sooner it gets resolved the better. We expect there to be a certain amount of odour from a treatment plant but this Summer it has been exceptional.


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