Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Syria: Doyle-Price: “Saddened” by “Little Englanders”

THURROCK MP, Jackie Doyle-Price has reacted with anger to the vote for the UK not to join any military action in Syria.

Ms Doyle-Price said: “I am really saddened by what happened in the House of Commons on Thursday. We behaved like little England, not Great Britain.

“As a permanent member of the UN Security Council it is our duty to give moral leadership to the rest of the world when atrocities of the kind witnessed in Syria are being perpetrated.

“I do appreciate that there are colleagues who have very real concerns about intervention and I have no quarrel with them.

“But I am disappointed by the weakness shown by some colleagues who have worried more about the correspondence in their inboxes than by doing what is right.

“As Members of Parliament it is our job to show leadership and judgment, not be weathervanes. We should exercise that judgment soberly considering the consequences of inaction as well as action.

“The spectacle of MPs conducting straw polls via Twitter and email reflects a dumbing down of politics which is unseemly when considering questions of war and peace and life and death.

Sometimes leadership means doing things which may not appear to be politically expedient. But we should not be in politics if we do not have the courage of our convictions Doing the right thing is in Britain’s DNA. When we are faced with the heinous crime of a country using chemical weapons on its own people, morality dictates that something must be done.

By failing to endorse the Government’s position the House of Commons has inflicted lasting damage on Britain’s reputation around the world. No longer will Prime Ministers and Foreign Secretaries be able to show international leadership. Britain’s proud tradition of advancing the cause of liberty and freedom around the world has been sacrificed.

Ed Miliband should feel ashamed of himself. The Prime Minister acceded to all his requests – publication of the legal advice; a commitment that no military intervention would take place until the weapons inspectors had reported; a commitment to no intervention without a second vote in Parliament, but no, Mr Miliband refused to play. Miliband could have behaved like a statesman. He chose opportunism instead. Still if you become leader of the Labour Party via the office of Tony Benn and special adviser to Gordon Brown with not a lot of the real world thrown in, politics will seem like a game. But this is more than a game – we are dealing with people’s lives.

But we are where we are. By failing to support the Government we have given a green light to any country to gas it’s citizens. One hundred thousand people are dead, millions displaced and we are doing nothing. Thankfully we can rely on the US and France to defend humanity. Make no mistake, Britain’s role in the world has been badly damaged by this shameful episode.


  1. Some estimates put the dead in Darfur at around 500,000. Why haven’t we intervened there. Why don’t we intervene in Zimbabwe or Norh Korea. The trouble with these politicians is they change like the wind. THey supported Morsi but because he wasn’t what they wanted, they all go quiet and let him be overthrown even though he was democratically elected. Libya ia a basket case without a proper government after they all went gung ho. What are they doing about that. The arab spring has gone tits up and they aint getting what they wanted so lets all go kill some more people.

  2. I find it highly amusing, in a tragic sort of way, to see JD-P trying to take the moral high road on this issue when she is part of and blindly supports a government that is perpetrating a major hate crime against the poor, the sick and the disabled by demonising and persecuting them, stripping away the rights of the workers, stripping away basic human rights from everyone, removing justice and healthcare away from those who can’t afford to pay for it while all the time helping to fill the pockets of the rich and privileged at the expense of the less fortunate masses. I wonder just how much money Ms Doyle-Price is getting from the wholesale slaughter of the downtrodden masses?

  3. Valen (Myles) Cook
    You are whipping a dead horse; hate crime is a particular favourite of the Thurrock conservative group as shown by Mark Coxshall in his racial press release a few weeks back, and since no Tory at Thurrock has objected to it including Councillor Tunde Ojetola. I believe they’ll all racialist

    I would also add nobody from the Labour group has made comment about it which I find disgusting

  4. Perhaps Jackie would like to send her children to fight in Syria as she is so enthusiastic in sending other Mothers kids to fight in a foreign civil war.

  5. Ed
    Why on earth does this second rate MP keep prattling on? As if somebody is listening to her if you look into past reporting about her on Your Thurrock, the popularity scale at the top of the blogs is always 1% I think that says it all, and probably better than her

  6. Why should we get involved with Syria now? JDP, we are not a world power anymore.
    Nobody respects us as a country, everyone loves to beat us in anything because of our former empire.
    We need to sort our own national problems first, before getting involved in more worldly affairs again.

  7. Britain is a world power. We always have been and always will be no matter whether we get involved in Syria or not.

    Personally the only reason why Cameron, and some Tory MPs, want to go into a Middle Eastern war is to detract from the poor state of affairs at home. Obama is happy to instigate WW3 as he’s hardly popular at home. Hollande is sinking the French economy with his radical left socialist policies and so needs a destraction and the Tories are continuing on from Labour in managing the decline within the UK.

    I much rather our armed forces patrol the waters around the Falkland Islands and Gibraltar rather than starting wars in lands that have nothing to do with us.

    On this occasion I think JDP is wrong. I think Cameron is wrong and this is just another notch to give people not to bother voting for Labour mark II.

    Good to see Myles posting again.

  8. The war is Syria is a Civil War and not a dictator randomly committing genocide, why should the UK side with one side of the factions and not the other? if you look at places like Syria this was armed by the UK & USA.

    Yes something needs to be done but not stomping all over one faction of a civil war just because you “think” the other side are to blame, try a bit of diplomacy or sanctions against the country, The UK are no longer some sort of Bully Nation that can go on the rampage through other countries at the drop of a hat or because Big Brother USA said so.

    I assume JDP will be wearing her suit of Armour emblazoned with the Christian Cross to reform a new set of Crusaders to storm into other Mulsim countries.

  9. Bernard87 – Thanks, at least someone missed me.

    Due to the amount of bits and pieces of voluntary work I do here and there and the fact that, despite my mental health condition, I am being forced to do whatever I can to find full-time paid employment, I am not sure how long I can keep contributing to YT either as a columnist, reporter or commenter. I’m sure, however, that no-one will miss me when I’m gone for good.

  10. Bernard87 – Thanks for that, but I fear that if I go I will be going for good. The last few months have been really hard on me what with the loss of my laptop and desktop computers and it’s getting harder to get any writing done. I manage to do comments like this on my mobile but it’s not ideal for long articles, etc.

    As it gets harder to do the work, the enjoyment disappears and, if I can’t get any enjoyment out of it, it’s not worth doing. If I have to leave as a contributor, it would be too hard for me to face coming on to comment on items so the best thing to do is leave altogether if that is the way life is forcing me.

    I’ll be around for a bit longer though.

  11. JDP. you’re a Fooking muppet. This country is on its knees Economically and you want to empire build. The British taxpayers are sick of funding foregn wars.

    JDP where was you and the tories when Saddam used Gas in the 80’s. That was ok he was our man then.

    Lets Invade the USA. they used WDM in Japan and Vietnam. comon we can take them out 🙂



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