Thursday, July 18, 2024

New Hathaway Academy head won’t skirt around uniform issues

THE NEW principal of the Hathaway Academy has already proven that a new regime is more than just a change of name (Hathaway Academy). It also appears that a change means a total change of culture.

YT understands that Mr James Howarth has already been door to door on Hathaway Road, getting to meet the neighbours.

Staff have already been told what to expect when it comes to suitable attire at their place of work. It also looks like students have as well.

A large number of students returned home with notes last week. The notes informed parents that their son/daughters appearance was not acceptable.

Some parents contacted YT complaining that the regime was going to extremes.

One parent (who did not wish to be named) said: “We fully support a firm stance but this is extreme. We bought our daughter’s new uniform from Marks and Spencer. The skirt came down to the knee. She returned home with a note that said, the skirt was too short and if she did not sort it out then she would be placed in isolation.

“It seems like a sledgehammer to crack a nut.”

James Howarth, Principal at Hathaway Academy, said: “Our uniform policy is very straightforward and was made clear to all parents before the end of term.

“The policy states that skirts should be knee length, plain black, tailored A-line or pleated skirts. Fabrics such as lycra and extremes in length are not appropriate, and any students who do not adhere to this policy are given three days grace to resolve the issue.”


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