Polly questions latest job figures

PROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate for Thurrock (Lab), Polly Billington has reacted with anger at the latest set of job figures for Thurrock.

Latest Labour Market Statistics for Thurrock claim that the number of over 25’s in Thurrock claiming JSA is up by over 50%.

Ms Billington said: “The number of people who are out of work in the east of England has risen. The number of people over 25 in Thurrock claiming job seekers allowance is also up by over 50%.

“While Jackie Doyle Price’s government is boasting about a recovery, its clear many people here in Thurrock are really struggling.

Last year Coryton oil refinery closed with the loss of 800 jobs – the Tory-led government failed to act. This year we are facing the closure of Tilbury power station with the loss of at least 200 jobs – because ministers deliberately chose not to act.

“The Tories are turning their back on Thurrock again and again. The result is families are battling. They’re battling another fall in wages and the risks of insecure work. There is simply not enough work to go round and the proof is a record high in the number of part-time workers looking for full-time jobs.

“Real wages fell yet again by £12 a week; unemployment went up across half of Britain; the youth jobless rate rose by 9,400 and long term unemployment rose yet again. There’s now been an incredible rise of
364,000 part time workers looking for full time jobs since the election.

“Under David Cameron, Britain’s cost of living crisis is not improving, it’s intensifying.

“There is an alternative. Labour wants to help to make work pay by introducing a lower 10p starting rate of tax, paid for by a mansion tax, and to repeat the tax on bank bonuses to pay for a compulsory jobs guarantee for young people.”

“Thurrock needs a recovery that will benefit the people who want to be part of Britain’s success. At the moment they are being left behind.”

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