Dannie cops a look at US college life

A-LEVEL student Dannie Slade returned from a magnificent trip to the USA where she spent a week visiting prestigious US universities and experiencing life as an American student.

As part of the Sutton Trust US Programme, Dannie spent the week residing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  The programme provides international opportunities for talented young people from low income families.

The programme is fully funded and offers students the chance to broaden their horizons.  Only 100 places were up for grabs with students applying from across the UK.

Dannie, 17 from Basildon said: “The trip was amazing, I saw and learnt so much during the week.  The experience was unforgotten and has made me even more determined to fulfil my dream of studying in the US.”

The students visited a number of universities including Yale and Harvard.  An exclusive Careers Fair was also put on for the 100 students where a number of exhibitors across the US attended.

Dannie will start applying later this year and will be fully supported by the College. danni

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