Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Are Thurrock Council homes fit to be re-let?

AVELEY street rep, Theresa Webster only took up her (voluntary) post a few months ago. However, Theresa has found that wherever she goes in Aveley, she hears the same thing. Residents, who have moved into a council property feel that the property was not in a fit and proper state to be re-let.

This issue was just one of a number of issues we discussed with Theresa up in Aveley.webster


  1. This problem is endemic all over thurrock,I have recently been given a property on the flowers estate in Ockendon which is far from fit for purpose!!i have walls that havent been skimmed and are just wood, damp,flooring that has only been patched and is not level, blown glazing,a glass partition that has been plasterboarded the other side and the list goes on…..
    I have been waiting 3 months for any of the repairs that need to be done and still i wait!!There is no contact from the council unless you threaten them with the papers or give them a deadline to contact you.Even a surveyor who was sent to view my property didnt bother contacting me to let me know he would be late until councillor Lynn Carr got on the phone demanding to know if he was still coming and when he did turn up he was rude and unapologetic!!If I had left a property in the state this is in then i would have been charged, and extortionately so!!so if its not accepted for a property to be left in this state ….why should i have to accept it like it????I think that maybe there should be some sort of support group that all the thurrock residents who are suffering this issue can come together and unite and maybe then the council will finally listen to us!!!
    i have found an interesting piece of paper within in my tenancy pack entitled the ‘fit to occupy’ standard, it made interesting states many things including under health and safety;-
    *all glazing to be in good condition ( i have 2 blown units that i have stated in a letter form darren garner were to be raised as a repair and not yet done)
    * all defective floorboards to be refixed (mine are still defective)
    * all gas and electric fitting to meet certified standards ( a heater should be fitted in the bathroom if an extractor is fitted and i dont have one also the extractor hasnt been set to a timer so just goes continously

    under all rooms
    *sweep all floors throughout – none had been
    *wash all window frames – def were not washed
    * clear all rubbish also from external areas – wasnt done

    under security
    * new locks :front door and rear if necessary – mine were not new and only one set was complete ( as in only 1 set out of 4 had both an outer and inner front door that fitted)
    * all windows and doors to fit securely – my inner front door moves within its frame and is therefore not secure and also i cannot secure my windows as no window keys to lock them

    under sanitation
    * all walls ,floors,ceilings to be free from water penetration – i have water in the ceiling and wall in the downstairs cloakroom and also water running down the wall in the porch causing damp.
    so by their own “standard” surely my property doesnt meet the fit to occupy standard!!

  2. ”under all rooms
    *sweep all floors throughout – none had been
    *wash all window frames – def were not washed
    * clear all rubbish also from external areas – wasnt done”,GET A BROOM AND MOP AND SOME SOAP AND WATER AND DO IT YOURSELF YOU LAZY SCROUNGER.

  3. well done Theresa, I enjoyed your interview, although you are not a Tenant you fight well for those that are, I do hope they appreciate all your hard work.

  4. But the void turn around time has improved so I don’t see the problem. Where is Val when you need an answer to a tricky question. In the same hiding place as the glorious leader I would imagine.

  5. the void turn around time hasnt improved the property i vacated over 3 months ago is still empty.the problems are inherent within the councils inability to properly maintain their housing stock; and this is particularly bad withing the flowers estate in south ockendon.


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