Friday, December 9, 2022

Crack City?: Councillor shocked by drug use statistic

THURROCK Conservative leader cllr Phil Anderson has expressed his shock and concern at new figures showing that nearly 5% of young people Thurrock use drugs

The shock findings were included in the Thurrock Annual Public Health Report, which was presented to full council this week. According to the council’s nationally recognised Drug and Alcohol Action team, 4.9% of 15-24 year olds in Thurrock have used opiates and/or crack cocaine.

Responding to the report Cllr Anderson said: “These are truly shocking figures. They mean that for every class leaving secondary school in Thurrock, 1 or 2 pupils are either already using heroin or crack or will be doing so within a few years. These young people should be just starting out on life; instead they are already heading towards a downwards spiral of physical and mental health problems, unemployment, social isolation, and criminal activity.

 We have good support services to help young people with drug problems in Thurrock. If anyone contacts Open Door on 01375 374411 or via, they will always get free, confidential advice. But these services are only any good if people use them.

It is down to all of us as friends and family members not to turn a blind eye to the warning signs, but to take the harder route of challenging people to get help before it’s too late.”



  1. according to a recent tweet TBC have said they got the figure wrong, it should be 0.9% not 4.9%, looks like their calculator needs updating

  2. …and the percentage figures for booze and fags are?

    If the 0.9% figure is correct then it is surprising so few have experimented with these drugs considering their ready availability and cheapness. But what of the numbers drinking and smoking?


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