Monday, December 5, 2022

Council declares “Historic night” over London Gateway order

THURROCK Council unanimously supported creating a Local Development Order (LDO) for the massive London Gateway logistics park during a special meeting on Monday (4 November).

Portfolio holder for regeneration, Cllr Andy Smith proposed, and his “shadow” from the opposition, Cllr Garry Hague seconded two items – the Consideration of Habitat Regulations Screening Assessment and the Adoption of a Local Development Order. Both were unanimously supported.

On Tuesday the development order agreement was couriered to the government for approval.

Opening the debate, Cllr Smith described the decision as “one of the most important we’ve taken for decades”.

He said: “The London Gateway project is of enormous importance to the economy and regeneration of this borough. Together, the London Gateway port and Logistics Park will provide some 15,000 jobs. It is one of the largest investment projects in the UK.

“The decision we take today is an important one in securing its success.”

He explained: “The LDO will grant planning permission for 829,700 square metres of commercial floorspace. The LDO has conditions, legal obligations and a regime that requires that all individual developments to accord with compliance documents.

“The LDO will be valid for ten years and will supersede the existing Outline Planning Consent granted in 2007 by the Secretary of State.”

He said the London Gateway Port is not affected by the LDO, but that a “year of hard negotiation” had secured £10 million for A13 road improvements “which I trust the government will support” and a further £1.2 million for amenity funding

It included rail targets to reduce the use of roads and the “whole document will makes sure we’re making a bonfire of bureaucracy – the biggest LDO in the country”.

Seconding the motion, Cllr Hague described it as “a historic night for Thurrock and Thurrock Council”, helping create “the UK’s first 21st century deep sea port and Europe’s largest logistics park”.


  1. Why do I feel that what was originally promised and what Thurrock has actually got are two completely different things.

    The Port had a very long list of obligations as part of its original planning permission and without comparing what was originally promised to what has actually been voted for you can’t see what has been removed or watered down during the so called hard negotiations.

    I have always got the impression DP World get what they want, when they want and at their own pace irrespective of what the public or the Council wants.

  2. P.S. Have they paid the Council for the land they flooded yet? I recall Cllr Hague when Leader of the Council fobbing off and stalling anyone who asked.


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