Friday, June 14, 2024

Shakespeare in Thurrock: Is this Woodside Academy I see before me?

macbethON Thursday 7Th November pupils at Woodside Academy are performing at the Thameside Theatre Grays as part of the Shakespeare School’s Festival.

The nationwide festival gives young people the opportunity to work with professionals in the arts and perform live theatre. Woodside has two classes in year 5 taking part performing an african themed Macbeth and a modern day Romeo and Juliet.

The pupils at Woodside are the only primary aged students taking part on the night and are very enthusaitic and excited to be involved. The opportunity to take part in the festival has formed part of the ongoing study of Shakespeare at the school and has given pupils a chance to design their own performance, inluding lighting and sound to transport Shakepeare into new settings whilst keeping the Bard’s traditional language.


  1. Why? History will tell the story. Why the desire to distort and indoctrinate. Do we see before us the spread of the doctrine of state control.


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