Thurrock MP in Twitter spat: Parts 1 and 2

jackieTHURROCK MP Jackie Doyle-Price had her reservations about Twitter a few years ago. However, the MP has recently embraced the social phenomenon.

Some social media experts have warned public figures to be careful of “debates” with people on Twitter as they can come over as the cyber equivalent of a slanging match in the street. Others will say that they are a breath of fresh air and are the cyber equivalent of Gladstone’s Midlothian campaign.

Cyber slanging match number 1: UniteatLondngateway are concerned about union recognition at DP World London Gateway. They have been vociferous over the last few days and have alleged that DP World tried to entice companies to move away from Purfleet and Tilbury.

Ms Doyle-Price replied on Twitter that “Cobelfret wanted to remain in Purfleet.” She then goes onto to signpost an article from Unite and then tweets: “Unite tell how they are trying to bully their way into recognition at our newest port #anyunionbutunite.”

It goes on and on…

Cyber slanging match number 2: The Thurrock MP voted against legislation that would make an assault upon a shop worker a specific offence. A number of people including Stifford Clays councillor Angie Gaywood criticised the MP for helping vote down the legislation. Ms Doyle-Price’s twitter account replied. “Sssault is assault whoever the victim is. Shouldn’t be a worse offence because it is a shopworker #badlaw.

The debates will no doubt continue to be of interest, especially in the run up to the General Election.

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