Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Le-Surf pours scorn on Tories over Dartford Crossing delay

LABOUR’S parliamentary candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock, Mike Le-Surf, has slammed the lack of decision making by the Conservative government as residents are still kept in the dark over crossing location.

The government has thrown out Option B for a Lower Thames Crossing which was announced last week in Parliament by Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin saying Option B, which would have connected the A2 with the A1089, had ‘the weakest case’. Options A and C remain open which puts more pressure on East Thurrock residents as their future is still undecided. If option C is approved it will be an environmental disaster for the area and especially for the residents of Orsett who will see their lives turned upside down.

Mike Le-Surf said: “The odds are now stacked further against the residents of the constituency and the government needs to come clean about their real intensions. This is no decision at all and will only add to resident distress as the cloud continues to hang over them during the festive period.
If the real decision is being kicked into the long grass until after the next general election constituents have the right to know.”

He added: “How Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin can say that “ruling out the least attractive option now gives some clarity for local residents and businesses” is ridiculous and shows how out of touch this Tory government really is.”

“Mr. McLoughlin also stated that Option B had limited support as it would jeopardise major redevelopment of the Swanscombe Peninsula, in Kent. So who is standing up for residents in my prospective constituency in Essex? I attended a meeting in Orsett this summer where local councillor Mike Revell dissuaded residents from protesting against the crossing and told them that the matter was being dealt with via their MP. Really?

“I remain heavily opposed to Option C and find it unbelievable that the need for any new crossing would be considered before the impact of free-flowing tolls is realised after their introduction in October 2014. I am also deeply concerned that the Highways Agency has begun preparations so that the crossing can be delivered quickly once the final location has been decided.”




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