Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Intu Lakeside goes crackers this weekend

CHRISTMAS crackers are being handed out to shoppers on Saturdays in December at intu Lakeside – but there’s something rather special about these particular crackers. Instead of being filled with the usual small toys, jokes and Christmas hats, some of intu Lakeside’s crackers contain gift cards that are pre-loaded with money ready to be spent in centre.


Izzie Peskett, Marketing Manager at intu Lakeside, said, “At this busy time of year, we wanted to give our shoppers an extra special treat while they are in centre buying Christmas gifts. We know how much people love pulling crackers at the dinner table so we thought this would be a fun way of raising a smile and rewarding some shoppers, too.”

The intu Lakeside team will be handing out more Christmas crackers this Saturday, 21st December, so there’s still time to be a winner. For more information about all of intu Lakeside’s Christmas activities, visit www.intulakeside.co.uk


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