Friday, June 21, 2024

DP World clarify position on Manorway parking

DP World London Gateway has responded to concerns from local residents regarding parking on The Manorway.

Community leader, Terry Piccolo spoke to spokesperson Tom Conroy regarding the situation.

Mr Piccolo said:

“I have spoken to Tom Conroy of DP World and have the following answers regarding the problem with lorries on the slip roads.

“First of all the reason for the problem occurring is that container ships were diverted into the port at short notice due to problems at I think he said Felixstowe, the hauliers evidently just diverted their lorries to DP World. The drivers and the hauliers not being aware of the set up at DP World just parked anywhere.

1.DP World are contacting the hauliers were possible to inform them that there is ample free parking at gate 2 for all lorries bound for the port.

2.DP World security are driving the Manorway at half hour intervals telling drivers parked up that there is free parking at the port.

3.DP World are having signs made that should be ready for Saturday to place not only on the Manorway but also at other sites in the area which may be abused by drivers telling them of the free parking.

4.They have contacted the police and asked them for their assistance in ensuring that lorries parked illegally on the public highway in the area are moved on, so that this is nipped in the bud from the very start.

“Tom has assured me that they are taking this very seriously as they do not want it to become a habit. The only reason this has occurred is because the ships have been diverted into the new port and the shipping agents/hauliers are not aware of the restrictions imposed by DP World or the free parking. Agents/hauliers of ships where the original destination is the port are made aware of the free parking and local parking restrictions.

“I hope this clarifies the current short term situation but they seem to have reacted in a timely manner once the problem arose”.


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