Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The end of an era as wrecking ball hits Ormiston Park Academy

OR should we say Aveley Comprehensive or Belhus Park Humanities College? Whichever school you identify with, the old school building was being demolished and with it, for many people, many happy memories.

Of course, it should be said, that as the old school is being demolished, so the bright new academy is up and running.

In many ways, many will feel that not too many tears will be shed for the demolition of a bog standard drab sixties building especially when it is being replaced by a state of the art 21st century building.

But there are memories in that old building.

One former teacher and now Los Angeles resident, Benny Harris said: “Honestly, when I first looked at this I thought, ‘Why have I been tagged in a picture from a war zone?’. I’m not even kidding. I cannot believe thats Aveley school. Some memories were made there. Pretty sure the new gaff will be a top place for the students to thrive in. Onwards and upwards!”

Thanks to teacher, Emma-Louise Fenton for the photographs.



  1. Some people would say the wrecking ball should have started swinging years ago…preferably with the underperforming Headteacher, staff and unruly students inside!

    “Come Armageddon, come Armageddon come”! (Morrissey 1984)


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