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Kent tells Tories: “Stop scaremongering over Grays Athletic stadium”

THURROCK COUNCIL boss, cllr John Kent slammed a veteran Tory councillor over concerns that Grays Athletic hope to build a football stadium in the Blackshots area.

Councillor Kent was reacting to a question from Blackshots councillor Joy Redsell.

Cllr Kent charted the meetings that the council had undertaken with Grays Athletic since 1999.



  1. Another case of the amnesia of a Councillor. Hypocritical Cllr Joy Redsell was the Portfolio Holder who presented a report to the Conservative Cabinet calling for a sports hub and football stadium to be built in Thurrock. She then ensured it became part of the Local Development Framework and then voted for it twice. Does she really have no idea what she voted for?

  2. And where does the LDF suggest the Sports Hub should be………….?

    In Grays!

    ……….and where in Grays………..?

    The Blachshots area!!!

  3. As a self declared Honorary Member of the Grays Athletic Supporters Trust surely Mr Kent should distance himself from any involvement in securing a new site for GAFC as he has a vested interest in the club, any planning application for the club could be held up to further scrutiny if Mr Kent is involved in that decision

  4. Mrs Redsell you are always misleading people! why isn’t Maureen Pearce talking about the Aveley residents that’s what she gets paid to do,
    you want to cause trouble. If Mrs Pearce is so worried about 106 monies and her residents why hasn’t she spoken up same as Wendy heard who I thought retired. You obviously don’t understand planning because you said now the application as been passed well joy it hasn’t it depends on the Secretary of State I wish you would have been so efficient in enforcing on your friends at ICG or should I say your landlord. In my opinion you are so uncouth, asking who meet with officers, perhaps you should learn to do that yourself when meeting developers

    Joy anytime any place any where

  5. FYI..Cllr Pearce did refer to the Aveley Fire application on the piece are Corringham but it did not make the cut.
    Cllr Wendy Herd gave her apols.
    Cllr Robert Ray had his hand up to speak but did not get a chance.

  6. Staff reporter FYI Wendy is always giving her apologise, I don’t blame her because she was truly left out in the cold by some members of her group,
    Cllr Pearce didn’t even know when the cut of point was for righting in to democratic services to ask to talk about a planning application to the committee, ( Out Of Time )
    But tried to blame everyone else, she should have known that (staff reporter)
    Robert Ray is to busy worrying about his development in Aveley he said its a great site, so I suppose he needs to challenge All applications and banging on about green belt i believe his isn’t green belt so i believe it promotes his site , Robert was at the Orsett Hall for a UKIP meeting He clearly had to much to drink spoke to much about other peopleI must say his wife Maggie is a truly lovely lady
    PS in my opinion the man behind Joy in the picture is so embarrassed to sit near her his covered his

  7. I have just watched the video again. Is Cllr Redsell seriously suggesting that there are nasty vile residents bemoaning the fact that some of the borough’s most disabled children could be enjoying new facilities paid for by Aveley 106 money?

  8. Yes Ed I don’t believe that woman has a sole, Ed I think it’s Joy Redsell
    Moaning about Aveleys 106 monies. What annoys me Ed 20% of Aveley children use this school and I’m sure if Michael Casey put a voting pole up on your Thurrock to see how many residents would support these facilities for the disabled children, I believe over 80% you might have a few despicable people who don’t want it, I cared for a disabled child when I was young Jason i would take Jason to the park his face would light up and the loudest giggle and no amount of money in the world would give you that feeling in your heart, like his smile the happiness it gave Jason going down a slide hands in the sand his smiled melted my heart so I believe a gym would bring so much happiness and a better quality of life no amount of money can replace that Ed,

  9. I live in Aveley I would rather the children have this facilities,and a great big round of applause for the applicant who set a deal with the106 for a community centre for Aveley also the 106 contribution for the children of Aveley who go to Treetops special needs school, and I am glad all the children from the Thurrock borough get good use from this 106, its a little gift for all the children from 3-19 years old who work so hard to foresee their dreams come true have a heart Councillors and residents

  10. Seems a rather straight forward question from a local councillor on behalf of his or her concerned residents being taken out of context by the spin doctor crew.

    A local Sports hub is designed for the benefit of the local community which can range from golf clubs, swimming pools, and of course football clubs, the list goes on, bowls anyone?

    However there is a question mark as to if a bigger football clubs such as Grays Athletic moving onto public funded land with a public funded purpose built stadium is for the benefit of the local community.

    Its important to remember that football is not everyone’s cup of tea and although sports hubs are there to benefit small local football clubs, Grays Athletic are a private football club which I assume pays its players, charges its members for football memorabilia and of course charges fans to watch the games.

    It’s nice the council and its leader have gone on record in early 2014 on this one and as for the LDF; could someone show me the part which states Grays Athletic have first refusal on a public built stadium on public land as Ed suggests?

  11. “It’s important to remember that football is not everyone’s cup of tea”

    But it is to some people. As a football and Grays Athletic fan I have equal political right to be represented fairly by the council and government as those that are not. I find that those who do not want such developments are far more fairly represented in their views than those that do and that’s not what local politics should be about, usually represented with a simple “we don’t want it” rather than providing a balanced argument.

    Well here is mine, sports are well represented in the area, there are numerous sporting clubs and associations both private and public that are available in the area. Options available in cricket are vast and even as privately run entities avail of Council owned and managed land so why not an amateur football club? Rugby, Hockey, Bowls, Squash, Motorsports to name a few more are also well equipped in the local area. Football actually as a high demand sport has a lack of facilities.

    I cannot help think that an overall generic reputation that comes with football automatically puts people off developments. If people want to check the history of Grays Athletic and the its history within the local community you will uncover a rich spirit amongst local people dating back years and evident up to recent weeks with local people dedicating their free time and money to keep the club alive for others to enjoy. If only other locals shared a similar sense of spirit the area would be a better place than it is now, not only are people forcing the club out of the area but with it the numerous kind hearted and dedicated people who have an incredible local spirit who are people you want associated with the area not lost to Aveley, Romford and East Thurrock.

  12. Well Joy Redsell is at it again trying to cause Trouble as usual, that woman might as well join loose women on itv because she loves a bit of gossip, I’m surprised we haven’t heard from Maney her ward partner I noticed when joys in trouble he just keeps his head down.i congratulate John Kent for telling her the Facts, John you gained my Respect you should have dealt with that woman like that in the passed! let her know when she is in the wrong! Well it’s back fired on her. You know the saying : people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones but you can only assume she knows things about certain people in Thurrock Council that’s why she still there

  13. Great post Jords, I am a Grays Athletic fan and a member of Thurrock Cricket Club. I also plays for a team that pays extortionate amounts for an uncut football pitch on Sunday mornings! I have to agree that football is possibly the one thing that unites people of all backgrounds, the people I have met down the years through non league football especially opposition fans are great people, I’m not sure why other people seem to view it with such negativity? Crowds are only in the 100s so you usually get to meet and befriend everybody who watches. In reply to Bill79 above, I’m sure I read on another publication that any football ground construction would be privately funded? Also if my home backed onto a spare parcel of open land, I would much rather have a small non league ground that gets used every other week, instead of a housing estate. If we are being honest, towns are not getting any smaller and councils are looking for areas to build more houses, just look at the poor people who used to over look Thurrock tech College.


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