Monday, March 4, 2024

Even a TV Trucker star can’t find a lorry park in Thurrock!

THERE ARE often interesting tweets that pop up on the YT Tweetdeck. Last night (Thursday) we noted the frustrations of a trucker has he tried to find a parking berth in Thurrock.

We became even more curious when we saw that @AshleyMaddocks1 had over 19,000 followers on Twitter.

But we discovered that Ashley is one of the stars of Channel 5’s Eddie Stobart’s Trucks and Trailers.

Even so, Ashley was having a very difficult time finding a place to park on Thursday night.

His twitter trail went like this:

“Trying to park in Thurrock late at night is just a total disaster looks like it’s going to be c*** nights sleep !”

“Phoned (Aveley). Can’t park there if I’m empty #totaljoke last resort the naughty corner in Thurrock services it’s choco block here.”

“Titan truck stop turned me away said they are full layby full Thurrock services full!”.

Eventually, Ashley did find a place to stay.

All the Eddie Stobart lorries have female names. There is an added poignancy to Ashley’s cab as it is named April, after April Jones who was murdered in Wales in 2012.



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