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Tanya’s Blog: Ten things to do just before you start revising

Blogspot by Tanya McPherson.

Harris Academy student has just been sitting her mocks. Now as the easter holidays approaches, Tanya is now facing the real exams. However, Tanya has found that before you settle down to revising, there are a few things you must do.

No one likes revising! We spend six hours a day, five days a week doing school work and now home we go to do some more, and as the weather improves from the winter storms the last place we want to be is inside. So instead of getting it over and done with we delay, and delay, and delay! These are my top ten delaying tactics for when you can’t bear the thought of doing MORE school work.

1) Tidy your room: so after living in a room with cloths swamping your floor for as long as you remember, conveniently, as soon as the topic of revision rears its ugly head, you can’t stand living in a messy room and this isn’t a quick job, you have to tidy and organise and clean, you have to hoover and dust and polish, its urgent that you have a major clear out, at that very second, revision just has to come second.

2) Do that chore you have been avoiding: so mum and dad have set you a bucket list, and not the fun kind! A bucket list of those ridiculously pointless chores. But as the thought of revision barges its way into your head you see the point of those chores.

3) Have to check your emails: What if that exam you’re going to revise so hard for has been cancelled and your teacher has tried to warn you by sending you an email, you better check… oh look there’s 15 unread messages, wouldn’t it be rude not to reply …. Ill revise after this!

4) Buy groceries: You go to the fridge to make a cup of tea (essential for revision) and you’re all out of milk, it’s only sensible to go and buy some more, right?

5) Need a new notebook: Your notebook has run out of pages for you to write on, Lakeside here I come. But I can’t go alone, a friend will have to come along. Now I can’t leave straight after buying my notebook, what type of friend would that make me?

6) Laptops out of charge: How am I supposed to do all of this revision without my main tool of research, you will have to put it on charge, and watch television whilst you’re waiting, slide into the sofa and watch your guilty secret, mine, definitely F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

7) Light bulbs out: it’s too dark to do revision, I better change that light bulb.

8) Migraine: Your head has never hurt as much as it does now! It would be ridiculous for you to put stressful revision on top of that.

9) Lost my folder: all of your work is in that folder, maybe you’ll have to waste the next half an hour searching for it.

10) I’m locked out of my house: I can’t get into my house where all of my pens and books etc. are placed!


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