Saturday, May 18, 2024

Communication breakdown over housing repairs in Ockendon claims councillor

An open letter from Ockendon councillor, Barry Johnson

“Both Cllr Carr and I continue to receive complaints about the work being undertaken on behalf of the council. We were informed that each tenant would be provided with a pack containg all the contact numbers needed of the contractors should there be a problem but it is quite clear these packs are not being given to all tenants.

In our opinion, the problems with bad work, untreated damp and mould and poor communication is that severe that the administration should consider stopping the plan and use the money to finally eradicate the damp and mould by undertaking a complete survey as to its causes. It then needs to consider whether or not it is getting value for money by allowing what appears to be sub contracting to sub standard non communicating operatives.

If we continue to simply paper over cracks or try to rid properties of damp with a quick lick of paint we will find the housong stock falling further into disrepair needing to borrow even more money in a few years time to put it right.



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