Is there a postcode lottery for Thurrock GCSE students?

A FASCINATING report into the social landscape in Thurrock was out before the Thurrock ruling Labour cabinet last week.

The Fairness in Thurrock review was published earlier this month and its aim is to assess and then address many of the inequalities in health that permeate Thurrock.

Over the next few weeks, YT will be looking at a lot of the issues that the report has highlighted.

For now, we have highlighted the discrepancy in exam passes in different parts of the borough. The figures show the percentage of students gaining five or more GCSE’s at A*-C inc. English and Maths.

1.South Chafford: 90.3
2.Corringham and Fobbing: 76.8
3.Chafford and North Stifford: 72.6
4.East Tilbury: 70.1
5.Orsett: 67.7
6.The Homesteads: 67.3
7.Little Thurrock Blackshots: 66.2
8.Stifford Clays: 62.7
9.Little Thurrock Rectory 62.3
10.Stanford West: 61.6
11.Out of Borough: 60.3
12.Stanford East: 56.1
13.Grays Riverside: 53.1
14.West Thurrock 52.3
15.Tilbury St Chads: 51.8
16.Ockendon: 48.8
17.Grays Thurrock: 48.6
18.Tilbury Riverside 43.8

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