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Is there a postcode lottery for Thurrock GCSE students?

A FASCINATING report into the social landscape in Thurrock was out before the Thurrock ruling Labour cabinet last week.

The Fairness in Thurrock review was published earlier this month and its aim is to assess and then address many of the inequalities in health that permeate Thurrock.

Over the next few weeks, YT will be looking at a lot of the issues that the report has highlighted.

For now, we have highlighted the discrepancy in exam passes in different parts of the borough. The figures show the percentage of students gaining five or more GCSE’s at A*-C inc. English and Maths.

1.South Chafford: 90.3
2.Corringham and Fobbing: 76.8
3.Chafford and North Stifford: 72.6
4.East Tilbury: 70.1
5.Orsett: 67.7
6.The Homesteads: 67.3
7.Little Thurrock Blackshots: 66.2
8.Stifford Clays: 62.7
9.Little Thurrock Rectory 62.3
10.Stanford West: 61.6
11.Out of Borough: 60.3
12.Stanford East: 56.1
13.Grays Riverside: 53.1
14.West Thurrock 52.3
15.Tilbury St Chads: 51.8
16.Ockendon: 48.8
17.Grays Thurrock: 48.6
18.Tilbury Riverside 43.8


  1. rocket1,

    What are you actually attempting to say? Please write in English and use capital letters accordingly, eg. at the beginning of a sentence and at the start of a name!

  2. “The discrepancy in exam passes in different parts of the borough”? Are the results in this article related to where the pupils live or relavant to the postcode of the School/Academy?

  3. pupils from south chafford are going to the exam factory and are getting good results,i assume north chafford go to grays or willy eds and do not do as well.

  4. rocket1,

    So children gaining ‘qualifications’ is simply down to how affluent your parents are, hence where you live?

    “A child’s background is still a greater determinant of the future success than their innate ability. Parents and the family are the biggest influence on a child’s development and life chances”.

    (Hughes 2005)

  5. rocket1, I’ve gotta be honest, I don’t know what you are trying to insinuate?

    There is certainly no ceiling to my learning!

  6. I wonder how Harris would get on if they admitted students from Tilbury Riverside and Grays Thurrock.? Everyone knows that a variety of variables influence a young persons academic success (or otherwise). How many managed moves involving “Challenging students” have Harris taken on? How many succeed?
    Harris achieve excellent examination results and should be congratulated. Let us not kid ourselves a good school is a great start but it takes more than a good school for most children to succeed in life.

  7. charliefarnsbarns,

    I’m loving your post…but I doubt if rocket1 will?! He is the Harris Carpet-us exam factory’s staunchest supporter! Just because they get ‘results’!

  8. harris chafford takes kids from south stifford and west thurrock and they do just as well as the kids from chafford,why knock success?.

  9. rocket1, If true? Why not the ‘paupers’ of the ‘next door’ locales of Ockendon & Grays then? Is it because such like won’t provide ‘results’ in terms of qualifications?!

  10. I would never knock success for young people. Harris produce excellent results and everyone concerned should be congratulated. I think that if we look at the data it would show that The vast majority of Harris students are recruited from Chafford. A tiny number come from West Thurrock and South Stifford. Ask the parents of the pupils who are turned away. Harris are playing a clever game and it is producing results. I wonder if the Harris formula would have the same success at the PRU? Why are Harris so reluctant to work with other schools? Can you give an example of Harris working in partnership with any other Thurrock school? Share the success? That would be great. I won’t hold my breath.

  11. its not a tiny amount from south stifford and west thurrock,nigh on all children from south stifford go there and all the kids in west thurrock from mill lane to the harris roundabout.its distance to the school gate that counts.

  12. I would be interested to hear where you get your facts from. The distance from the school gate is old hat. I think that you will find that Harris allocated a geographical area to draw from with the option to extend the offer if spaces are unused. Chaffford generates more pupils than Harris can accept. Willy Eds and Hathaway pick up the rest. Unless you can access student post codes you can’t show that this is not the case. If you watch the pupils leave Harris at the end of the school day it is pretty obvious where they are heading. Only a trickle of students leak on to London road. The vast majority head north and east into Chafford.

  13. i know you are wrong,you sound like another bitter person with an axe to grind,the catchment area is all of chafford hundred bounded by hog lane to the east,the old A13 to the north,the railway line to the west and all along london rd from florence close at the eastern end to the harris roundabout taking in all the rds north and south of london rd along that stretch,then

  14. Bitter? An Axe to Grind? I assume that this applies to everyone who has an opinion that is different to your own. Your seem convinced of your facts and I must assume that you have access to data that the rest of us do not. If your right that all of the Year 6 students from South Stifford and all of the Year 6 from West Thurrock get accepted by Harris, who are students heading to Ormiston Hathaway Willy Eds and Gateway in the mornings? If you are right these students must be the ones that reject the Offer of a place at Harris and look elsewhere. When parents receive confirmation of a place for their son or daughter for next September Stifford and West Thurrock will be a happy place to be. The weeping and the wailing will be coming from the rest of Chafford. No wonder all those new flats along London road are selling like hot cakes. I would be interested to know how many Year 6 students South Stifford and West Thurrock generate and how many Year 7 places they take up at Harris. Can you advise?

  15. Can someone please confirm Harris Academy catchment area for me. I don’t want to be picky but my understanding was that in the north the boundary is the arterial road A1306, East Elizabeth road and Devonshire road, South the north side of London road from junction of Devonshire road to. The railway bridge near Angle road, the West follows the line of the railway line north to the A1306. This would mean that West Thurrock (west of west Thurrock way) is not included.All of South Stifford is not included. Europa Park is an industrial estate. That means that only Palmerston road and Moore avenue and the houses on the north side of London road are within the Harris catchment. Can someone please advise?

  16. I am only interested in the facts. I believed that the centre of London road was the boundary. I had seen this previously and believed it still applied. I am always happy for someone to enlighten me of the facts.

  17. i see that the catchment area has been changed but that most of south stifford is still included,east street charlton rd and foxton rd and the chase still go to harris,

  18. Charliefarnsbarns, you are my ‘brother’ from another mother!

    “Bitter? An Axe to Grind? I assume that this applies to everyone who has an opinion that is different to your own”.

    How quickly you have sussed out Mr. One-Trick Pony, rocket1!

  19. I think that it is important that we all deal in facts even if we disagree on certain issues. Debate will educate all of us. I

  20. A request that we deal in facts equates to being branded a Nutter? That could become a bit of an issue on Homework night. When someone asks for clarification on something it does not follow that they are a Nutter.. The question was about the number of students at Harris from South Stifford and West Thurrock. You agreed that West Thurrock is not in the Harris catchment area. You agreed that the catchment area boundary had recently changed (2013 academic year). The inclusion of an extra 4 or 5 extra streets in the last year will have an impact on student numbers at Harris in future years. The question related to current student numbers, ie How many of the 180 students in each year group at Harris come from South Stifford and West Thurrock? When people have lost the argument they tend to deal in insults. Have a nice evening.

  21. i have agreed that west thurrock is not in the catchment area any more,this seems to be from feb 11th this year,all of south stifford seems to still be in the catchment except maybe the houses on london road which would seem a bit unfair,as for how many of the 180 places are filled by children not from chafford hundred i do not know,only the council and the school would have that info.

  22. It will be interesting to see how Harris handle the admissions issue in the future. I know that they are keen to to expand their role but currently lack the space to meet demand. It seems ridiculous that the LA planners could not anticipate the future demand for places that all the recent residential development would create. With 20,000 new households to be built in Thurrock in the next 10 years hopefully someone has thought about where the new schools will be built. I think the catchment area debate will run and run.


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