Thurrock Conservatives bid for Tunde to be mayor

THURROCK Conservatives are set to put forward South Chafford councillor, Tunde Ojetola as their candidate for mayor.

Councillor Rob Gledhill said “As the new Leader of the Conservatives I am proud to nominate Cllr Tunde Ojetola as our candidate for mayor. Next week Is the chance to demonstrate a more grown up approach to local politics.

“Cllr Ojetola served as Deputy Mayor with distinction, yet was passed over due to partisan politics. This is a non political civic role and a Deputy Mayor, if they remain elected, should be able to serve the borough by taking on the duties of the mayoralty. It is for this reason that the Conservative group voted for Labours Tony Fish in 2013 after he was passed over for Mayor in 2004.

“With the outcome of last months election meaning there is no overall political control in Thurrock, we have the opportunity to ‘reset the clock’, draw a line under what are seen as wrongs that need to be righted and enter a new phase of politics in Thurrock. Continuing political instability in Thurrock does not send out the message that this is a borough to invest in. It’s time to unite our borough behind a mayor with experience and to have civic and political leadership which works for Thurrock.”

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