Labour candidate Polly Billington impressed with progress at Hathaway Academy

LABOUR’S candidate to be Thurrock’s next MP visited Hathaway Academy last week (June 10th) to hear about the improvements at the school.

“It’s impressive to see a school that is really working to turn itself round for its students. The Academy has seen a massive improvement in its attendance figures and is very excited about this summers results. It looks like a combination of discipline and hard work, plus encouraging students to enjoy learning and be ambitious is already starting to pay off.

“But I am aware schools in Thurrock experience some serious challenges, not least when ministers get obsessed with structures of schools rather than the quality of learning. I am keen to meet all the headteachers of the schools in the Thurrock constituency to find out from them what would make a difference at national level to raise the ambitions and achievements of our young people here in Thurrock.”

Headteacher James Howarth said “I am quietly pleased with the progress we have made at the Hathaway Academy, in terms of the children’s achievements and the focus we can bring to specialising in subjects that will enable our students to thrive.

“Our young people deserve the best facilities to support their learning and I will fight to achieve that. I look forward to having further conversations with Polly, alongside my colleagues from other schools, about what will benefit current and future students in Thurrock.”

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