“Labour candidates could learn from Baroness Smith” says Orsett councillor

AN ORSETT councillor has advised the two Labour candidates that straddle her ward to follow the example of Baroness Smith of Basildon in matters relating to the proposed new Dartford Crossing.

Cllr Sue Little said: “I have a bit of an issue with Polly Billington and Mike Le-Surf who keep knocking the sterling efforts our two elected MPs when it comes to the Thames crossing.

“Both have vigorously defended our borough regarding the roads that would inevitably follow if either option A or C were chosen.

“They have lobbied their hardest for the government to perhaps look further east for a river crossing and to look at what effect free flown toll will have.

“Perhaps Both Polly and Mike should look to their mentor, Dame Ange from Vange (Baroness Smith of Basildon) who originally put forward option C as the Labour governments preferred choice, when serving under Lord Adonis.

“Regarding Councillor Kent, well…..he has been sitting on his hands, with the highest paid highways engineers and has only over the last year or two got his act together for putting forward Thurrock’s case against either option.

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