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Is Thurrock Council chief worth a £10k bonus every year?

THEY do say that it is not what you are worth but what you negotiate and this looks like it is the case when it comes to the chief executive of Thurrock Council’s contract.

Each year, the Taxpayers Alliance publish a list of salaries of council bosses around the country with particular focus on those paid £100,000.

However, when it comes to Thurrock and chief executive, Graham Farrant, there is an added entry of £10,000 that pushes his total salary to £206,349.

So we asked Thurrock Council to explain what the £10,000 was for.

A council spokesperson said: "This non-consolidated payment is part of the salary package for the Chief Executive that has remained the same since he started in August 2010.

"It was agreed by the cross-party appointment panel and details are published on the council’s website."

This may stick in the throat of organisations such as Citizens Advice Bureau, Transvol, Ngage, Women’s Aid who are the subject of possible funding cuts.

Deputy leader of Thurrock Council, cllr Barbara Rice told a recent meeting that: "Efficiency savings had meant that the council had reduced senior management salaries by £800,000."

Others have also pointed out that half is paid by Barking and Dagenham Council as is the rest of Mr Farrant’s salary.

Responding to the report in general, a Local Government Association spokesman said the salaries for senior officers in local government were continuing to fall.

‘In the past four years local government has made significant savings to senior pay, reduced council tax in real terms and managed the biggest cuts to local service budgets in living memory,’ he added.

‘Senior managers are responsible for overseeing vital life-and-limb services like child safeguarding and adult social care where there can be no margin for error. Their pay is set to balance this level of responsibility with the need to offer good value for taxpayers’ money.’


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