New technology benefits Palmer’s College science students

SCIENCE students at Palmer’s College were spoilt rotten after each been given an iPad each thanks to a generous donation from the Old Palmerians’ Association.

A donation of £1000 was made to the Science Department to help improve the learning resources within the classroom. 20 iPad minis have since been purchased to aid A-level Biology, Chemistry and BTEC Forensic Science and Applied Science students.

Jill Snelling, Chair of the Old Palmerians’ Association, said: “I was delighted to be able to present the Science Department. It was lovely to see so many students at the presentation and we look forward to continuing the close ties between the College and the Association.”

Principal of Palmer’s College, Mark Vinall said: “It was absolutely brilliant to see our current generation of students benefit from the generosity of previous generations of Palmer’s students. It was a truly special moment.”

Students were invited to a special presentation where they were able to talk about how the iPads were helping them as well as meet a few of the serving members including John Sach who taught at the College in 1959.

The Science teachers were sincerely thankful and very excited in using them more regularly in the classroom as so much can be done to engage with students via videos, apps etc. Every student will be given their own iPad to use in the lesson.

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