Labour lead campaign to save the Proof House in Purfleet

PURFLEET’S Proof House is under threat because of council cuts, but there’s now a campaign to save it.

Newly elected Labour councillor Terry Brookes joined Polly Billington, Labour’s candidate to be Thurrock’s next MP to discuss the future of the local amenity with Alan Gosling, who runs the nearby Purfleet Heritage Museum.

Terry said: "So many people in Purfleet raised the issue of the Proof House during the by-election campaign, because once it’s gone there isn’t somewhere for local people to hire for community activities. I want to see if we can save it.

"It’s a typical result of the £25 million worth of cuts the council has been forced to make by the Tory-led government. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find a solution."

Polly added: "Lots of community groups round here share our worries about the future of the Proof House, and want somewhere they can use, for activities from dance classes to children’s parties. It’s an almost unique historical monument in the UK and the fact it is adapted for community use makes it even more special. We really must find a way to keep it available. That’s why Alan Terry and I are so keen to talk to all those who want to save it."

Terry is keen to hear from anyone interested in helping save the proof house for community use. Email him at

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