Police send out warning over Halloween

Halloween should be a fun event not an excuse for anti-social behaviour – that’s the message from Essex Police in the run up to the spooky festival.

Essex Police and its partners are encouraging young people to be safe and respect others this Halloween and Bonfire Night, to ensure that Halloween can be enjoyed by everyone.

Halloween can be an unsettling time for many people, especially elderly people and those who live alone so Essex Police will be taking a firm approach to those who cause problems for others.

Inspector Paul Seabright said: "We understand that children and young people find this time of year exciting and fun. However many members of your community find Halloween and Bonfire Night very stressful. It’s important that all of us consider the feelings and needs of the most vulnerable in our towns and villages. What might seem like fun and being mischievous to young people can be frightening for others.

"The throwing of items at houses or playing practical jokes on neighbours who are not known to you or have not agreed to participate in trick or treat is unacceptable and in many cases may be criminal in nature.

"If you decide to go trick or treating please take care and think carefully about which doors you knock on, particularly if you know there are elderly people living in the area. Where possible, prearrange visits to neighbours and friends.

"The most important message is that we want all children and young people to enjoy Halloween and Bonfire Night by keeping themselves safe and making sure they do not cause problems in their communities.”

Essex Police is reminding residents to call 101 should they feel concerned throughout the evening. While we ask residents to be tolerant of young people enjoying Halloween, they do not have to accept bad behaviour.

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