Council take action over flooding in Tilbury

FOLLOWING the flooding in Tilbury during October action has been taken to reduce the chances of it happening again.

Working together, Anglian Water, the Environment Agency, Essex Fire and Rescue and Thurrock Council have addressed the short-term risk while at the same time working on longer-term answers to be implemented next year.

A detailed presentation will be made to the Tilbury Forum in the New Year.

In October, homes in Christchurch Road, Ottawa Road and Quebec Road were flooded because, during heavy rain, the sewer system was unable to release into the East Dock Sewer due to high water levels.

Water then backed up within the sewer system and last month it emerged in the Quebec Road area before spreading to surrounding low lying areas.

A pump is now on standby to be used at the end of the surface water sewer to pump excess water into East Dock Sewer so rainfall can be taken away from the Quebec Road area.

All the agencies are actively monitoring rainfall and will use the pump when alerted to the danger.

Next year work is planned to de-silt and divert the channel of the East Dock Sewer to improve drainage. This will lower water levels and enable water from the Quebec Road area to be released more easily. Several surveys have to be carried out, but work is expected to start in early 2015.

In the longer-term the agencies have agreed to investigate the capacity of the wider Tilbury drainage system and especially its resilience to future climate change.

Plans are being put in place to develop a computer-based model to enable options for improvements to be tested and prioritised.

The model will include information about rivers, sewers and highways to test the effects of future rainfall patterns and identify potential future solutions.

A Regional Flood and Coastal Committee decision on funding the investigation and the model is expected soon with work due to start in the summer next year.

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