Health watchdog publishes concerns about Aveley Medical Centre

THE AVELEY medical centre may be set for a thorough examination from the government after a report highlighted a number of concerns about the surgery.

The report comes as the Care Quality Commission has published a report on every surgery in the country.

The reports have concentrated on a number of areas.

If the surgery has a number of "may be at risk" factors, then CQC has indicated that they may go in and inspect.

Of the 10,000 plus practices in the country, just over a 1,000 have been placed in Band 1, i.e: the number of "may be at risk factors", is of the highest concern.

The report highlights seven areas of "may be at risk" in relation to the Aveley Medical Centre.

1. The percentage of patients aged 65 and older who have received a seasonal flu vaccination. (01/09/2013 to 28/02/2014)

2. The percentage of women aged 25 or over and who have not attained the age of 65 whose notes record that a cervical screening test has been performed in the preceding 5 years (01/04/2013 to 31/03/2014)

3. The proportion of respondents to the GP patient survey who stated that they always or almost always see or speak to the GP they prefer. (01/07/2013 to 31/03/2014)

4. The proportion of respondents to the GP patient survey who described the overall experience of their GP surgery as fairly good or very good. (01/07/2013 to 31/03/2014)

5. The percentage of patients who gave a positive answer to ‘Generally, how easy is it to get through to someone at your GP surgery on the phone?’. (01/07/2013 to 31/03/2014)

6. The proportion of respondents to the GP patient survey who stated that the last time they wanted to see or speak to a GP or nurse from their GP surgery they were able to get an appointment. (01/07/2013 to 31/03/2014)

7. The percentage of patients who were ‘Very satisfied’ or ‘Fairly satisfied’ with their GP practice opening hours. (01/07/2013 to 31/03/2014)

The full report can be found here

Over the next week, YT will be speaking to residents and politicians to assess their reaction to the report.

We have spoken to a practice manager at the Aveley Medical Centre, who has asked for time to digest report before making a comment.

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