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Cheers or Tears?

Polling day for the Aveley by-election is just 2 days away, how will the candidates fare?

The Labour candidate, John O’Regan, will be hoping for a repeat of the Purfleet by-election Labour victory, following the death of Andy Smith.

The UKIP candidate, Tim Aker, will be hoping for a repeat of their victory in Aveley last May where, the late Cllr Maggie O’Keefe-Ray [UKIP], won decisively.

The Conservative candidate, Teresa Webster, and the Independent candidate, Eddie Stringer, will have their fingers crossed and just be hoping.

John O’Regan, along with Polly Billington, have, only recently, acquired an interest in Aveley, you only have to cast your mind back to 2010-2014 to recall the indifference the Labour Party has shown for the people of Aveley and the almost complete lack of support they gave to their candidate, the affable, hardworking Mr Holloway.

They have jumped on the “bandwagon” regarding the Aveley Medical Centre controversy in the hope that it will garner them votes, having shown little, if any concern previously. Mr O’Regan cites his past association with Aveley, he got married in a church in Aveley and lived there for a while, as validating his candidacy. It was all such a long time ago John and there are no “blue plaques” to remember you by.

I recall a Labour Party prospective Parliamentary candidate campaigning in the 2010 General Election with the slogan “Made in Thurrock”. Who he and where is he now?

Tim Aker, whilst he does not live in Aveley, has a better record of interest and concern for the people of Aveley and his parents still live there.

In 2010 UKIP won their first seat in the Council, in the name of Cllr Robert Ray and have gone on to win a further 4, which tells me, that UKIP are far more in tune with many people in Thurrock and especially the people of Aveley who, in May 2014 voted for Maggie O’Keefe-Ray achieving for UKIP 2 out of 3 councillors in the Aveley Ward.

For purely personal reasons I would be intrigued to see Tim Aker v John Kent in the Council Chamber, if nothing else I believe it would raise the standard of debate and has the potential for making Council meetings more exciting.

What can I say about the other two candidates, Teresa May and Eddie Stringer, both of whom live in Aveley, have a passionate concern for local issues and how they impact upon the residents of Aveley. Unfortunately for Teresa, she is saddled with being a member of a political party and political parties are renowned for putting party interests before the interests of people.

As for Mr Stringer, sadly it is a fact of life that Independents rarely fare well in local elections, but I wish him and Teresa well for there will be some likeminded people who will vote for them personally, unfortunately there will not be enough of them.

Who to vote for, the decision is yours? Make the effort and cast your vote!

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