Angry words in the council chamber as planning application for Baker Street in Orsett approved

AN application to give planning permission for 14 new homes on land off Baker Street in Orsett was approved on Thursday night but not without some angry interventions from the public gallery.

The key points in the debate were made by East Tilbury councillor, Barry Palmer, who described the site as "Typical all over the borough that are like tips and they make the borough look messy.

"When it suits we can get rid of virgin green belt and here we are objecting to build on what is at the moment, an absolute eyesore."

Committee chair Cllr Terry Hipsey said: “I put the proposal forward to go against the officer recommendation in November and my feelings are very much the same.

“You have some disgusting people who visit and live in this Borough with their fetish activites. If I lived down there would I want to look at some fetish activies,

“The land is no good to anybody. It is no good to man nor beast. I understand the argument about the green belt but would you call this green belt? We have already developed more expansive parts ofthe green belt locally

“This is an outline application, we can work on the detail in the future and use our own discretion.”

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