Appeal for engine switch off at Stanford-le-Hope level crossing

STANFORD Conservative councillor, Shane Hebb, has given his backing to the Conrad Court Residents Association in their calls for signs to be erected encouraging drivers to turn their engines off when the train station level crossing is down in the early hours / late nights, so to give local residents in Conrad Court and Runnymede Road a chance to rest adequately, and not be stifled by vehicle fumes.

"It’s a simple ask", ward councillor Shane Hebb notes, "the Committee would simply ask us Stanford folk to consider them when sitting at the level crossing by turning our engines off. I for one would be happy to assist in this small way"

The residents group have written to David Bull, Director of Planning at Thurrock Council, asking for signage to be put up locally asking for those in cars to help them by turning engines off.

Both Shane Hebb, and local Member of Parliament, Stephen Metcalfe, have given the Conrad Court Residents Group their blessing to the residents in their efforts to progress the issue.

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