Thurrock Tories slam Labour over budget proposals

THE THURROCK Conservatives have criticised the budget proposals put forward by the ruling Labour group.

The leader of the Thurrock Conservatives, cllr Rob Gledhill said:

"Yet again the Labour Leader is bemoaning about reductions in funding, throwing statistics and numbers everywhere in an attempt to scare residents into believing that local services need to be cut.

"The facts are simple, because of Labour’s mismanagement of this nation’s budget the coalition government has had to reduce public spending across the board to reduce the national deficit by doing so it has reduced it by a half and in a few year is forecasting a tax surplus.

"We must also remember that the shadow chancellor is now on record saying that Labour will not reverse the reductions in funding to local authorities, so the amount every Council has to spend will only increase by having more local businesses opening or increasing the burden on the Council Tax payer.

"So when this Labour-run Council has spent over £40 million on non-permanent staff and consultants fees since April 2010, still operates loss making enterprises and still had to make in year cuts to balance the books then statements from the Labour Leader such as ‘we are changing the way we work’ are hollow words indeed.

"Until this Council adopts a zero based budget approach so that tax payers money truly is only spent on statute services then spent on services that residents can reasonably expect, both of which are underpinned by a best value approach, we will continue to see taxpayers money frittered away and Labour moaning that they need more of it to spend."

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