Councillor Shane Hebb highlights parking problems in Stanford-le-Hope

HARDIE Road and Bevin Road residents will hear the pleas for help at the coming Full Council this week, when a petition calling on Thurrock Council to help them resolve long-standing car parking problems will be handed in by Stanford West’s local Conservative councillor, Shane Hebb.

Following a series of resident engagement activities ranging from street surgeries and a public meeting over the last year, Shane Hebb will lend a hand to helping residents resolve their worries, when he will back their calls for help on Wednesday.

“To anyone who knows the area like many of us in Stanford, this area is a textbook “bottleneck”, says Cllr Shane Hebb. “At the best of times, this area is a parking nightmare, and residents have all told me horror stories of how they have not been able to park on their own driveways, while others will tell me about times when people parking inappropriately prevents them leaving the cul-de-sac on time, and therefore they are late for work and appointments”.

By design, there is only one way in and out of Hardie Road, and people parking on both sides prevent acceptable levels of access. The issues are made worse on school mornings and afternoons, and other events around the area.

“There is no single cause – there are a number of reasons why this area is a parking issue. However, we also have to think how an emergency vehicle would enter Hardie Road if – God forbid – someone was having a heart attack at the far end of the road”, Cllr Hebb considers. “The residents are asking Thurrock Council to discuss options which may resolve this matter – be that a scheme of yellow lines in key areas, which means poor parking will be met with the sanction of a parking ticket, or another similar solution”.

“In the first instance, we need the council to work with the residents to make a plan to resolve the matter, before something terrible happens. I am with them all the way in their pursuit of an acceptable fix to the problem”.

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