Monday, February 26, 2024

Blogpost: Consistency is key in treating mental illness

Dear Editor,

In my last letter I expressed how important it was for a firm diagnosis of mental health to lead the way forward for a positive recovery or stability to a mental health illness.

Once the illness, disorder is diagnosed, it is paramount that those people or persons involved with the therapy, counselling, support remain the same.

In my opinion, for the therapy, counselling to work a relationship needs to be formed between the patient and the professional. Once trust and an understanding is established the therapy can begin.

Initial first meetings and questions should be relevant and clearly understood. This is not always easy depending on the mental health problem. However those seeking to find a way forward with the patient should have a great understanding of background: i.e: details of that persons difficulties in life, personality, stressors etc. Also those professionals should have compasion, patience and some form of life experience in this field. I personally have witnessed these very qualities in an organisation called MIND.

No two cases will ever be the same as situatuions, causes that bring about mental health are many. A I see it today, mental health in all ages and all walks of life is on the increase.

A very difficult illness to treat as you can not see it to make it better. So connecting and trusting your support worker, counsellor is vital. Consistency is key to recovery or stability. Thirty minutes once or twice a month is simply not good enough.


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