Sunday, September 25, 2022

UKIP’s Tim Aker warns that Grays Level Crossing could be shut permanently

PROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate Tim Aker has warned local residents that the Grays level crossing could be shut permanently by Network Rail if misuse continues.

Tim Aker said: “After meeting with Network Rail last week, it is clear that if misuse of the Grays crossing continues, with people running between the barriers, the crossing will be shut and replaced either with a bridge or an underpass.

“I am incredibly concerned that this would result in the disabled, those with buggies and elderly residents being effectively cut off from Grays town centre, hurting local businesses in the process. Many residents need to be able to access Grays to get to the walk-in centre or collect prescriptions. This is very serious.

“I urge residents to tell everyone they know that if misuse of the crossing continues, it will be shut.

“I will be fighting any move towards an underpass or bridge however as I believe this would become a hotbed for anti-social behaviour which we already see in Grays at night. I will do all I can to keep the crossing open.”


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