Saturday, October 1, 2022

UKIP’ Tim Aker and residents angry as Thurrock Tory MP Jackie Doyle Price backs closure of Thurrock Walk-In Centre

UKIP’s Tim Aker has claimed that Jackie Doyle-Price’s support for closing the Grays walk-in centre is a “shocking betrayal” of residents.

Tim Aker said: “Thurrock’s Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price has proved once and for all just how out of touch she is. This is a shocking betrayal of residents who need an MP to push for more health services, not support closures.

“The alternative being put forward that Ms. Doyle-Price appears to support is four medical hubs that would only be open from 9am to midday Saturday and Sunday. Essentially, don’t get sick in the evening or on week days. It isn’t good enough. The Grays walk-in centre is open from morning til late and must remain so.

“Speaking to the people of Grays and right across Thurrock they are united: Grays walk-in must remain open. Once again it appears that a vote for the Tories is a vote for cuts to local health services.”​

Mr Aker’s concerns have been echoed by a number of residents, who have used social media to express their anger with the Tory MP.

Amongst the comments are: "That centre is so useful and helpful to use when you can’t get a appointment with your own… doctor. She should be helping with other things not closing places that are used."

"Maybe if you could get an appointment at your GP people would go to them first but what good is an appointment in two weeks (average at my old GP) when you’re sick now?! The walk in clinic is a god-send and should be left as it is!

Another resident said: "The four hubs would start off opening from 12-3 Sat/Sun but by appointment only. The walk in is open 365 days 8-8pm

The four hubs will be in Corringham, South Ockendon, Grays and Tilbury so people living in Purfleet and Stifford Clays will need to attend. Grays also with the walk in centre its next to all available public transport. So those that don’t drive can get to Grays at a reasonable cost

Whereas having the hubs open 12-3 people will then attend A&E

But the cost of a taxi from Grays to Basildon is £15-18


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