Monday, October 3, 2022

Cold war breaks out on Frost Estate Parish Council bid

A PUBLIC meeting with top Thurrock Council officers present to answer residents’ questions will be held before any final decision is made on the future of the Frost Estate in Corringham.

Members of the council were being asked to consider whether or not a parish council should be created covering the estate or not.

At the start of the meeting four questions from Frost Estate residents had been published – although only one was asked of Council Leader Cllr John Kent.

He said he believed there was “a sizable chunk of people on the Frost Estate who are not content with the proposal as it stands”.

He proposed: “In light of the public questions submitted to this meeting and the responses to the second stage consultation, this matter should be deferred to allow the council to arrange a public meeting for residents and interested stakeholders to ask questions from a panel of experts made up of the highways, electoral, democratic, finance and legal departments and thereafter this matter be brought back to council for a decision.”

Cllr Kent said he believed this could be done without delaying the possible creation of a parish council beyond the present proposed May 2016 date.

Following a petition and earlier debates at full council and the General Services Committee, Thurrock Council had carried out two consultations in the area which includes: Arundel Drive, Balmoral Avenue, Central Avenue, Carisbrooke Drive, Chamberlain Avenue, Giffords Cross Avenue (numbers 2-44 and1-45 only), Lampits Hill Avenue, Montfort Avenue, Pembroke Avenue, Windsor Avenue, and York Avenue.

After debate, Cllr Kent’s proposal was accepted by council.


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