Saturday, September 24, 2022

Election: Now Poll has Jackie Doyle-Price way ahead in Thurrock

A HIGHLY respected poll has put Tory candidate, Jackie Doyle Price way ahead of her political rivals.

The poll has been published by which is lead by highly respected University of East Anglia academic, Dr Chris Hanretty.

The poll predicts: Conservative: 35%, Labour 30%, UKIP 27%, Lib-Dem 5% and Green at 2%.

The poll also shows there is good news for Stephen Metcalfe in South Basildon and East Thurrock.

The poll there predicts: Conservative: 39%, Lab 28%, UKIP 23%, Lib Dem 6% and Green 2%.

However, other polls have Metcalfe just one point ahead and Labour plus UKIP breath down his neck.

You choose you poll, you take your choice. The more polls come out, the more people are reaching for the salt and waiting until the wee small hours of May 8th.


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