Monday, September 26, 2022

Ward by Ward: Little Thurrock Rectory

Little Thurrock Rectory

The Conservative Party only won this seat by 136 votes in 2014 and that is the well established and high profile, cllr Rob Gledhill.

Of course, that was to UKIP, who we believe (putting young cllr Aker to the side for a second) peaked that day in May.

This time, Tom Kelly is defending his seat, which he won by 157 votes in 2011. On that occasion, Labour were in second place.

With a ward constituency of over 4,000, it look like the Conservative duo have held off all comers and may well do this time.

In our interview, Tom Kelly defines it perfectly in the first sentence, as he says that the job of the ward councillor is to maintain the quality of life for all their residents.

Tom has had the advantage of working with a much more experienced colleague but after a quiet start has started to come into his own in the chamber and out in the ward.

An intelligent man who may define, like councillors such as Labour’s Martin Kerin, the young professional who want to put something back into their borough.

For a small ward it has its fair share of infrastructure issues and presents many challenges. The Globe Estate, small scale planning applications and the quality of life to name just a few.

In many ways, this is where the national battle comes into view. The more people that back Tom Kelly will no doubt help Jackie Doyle Price as well.

The other parties would do well to remember that there are hard yards and key votes down here.

The other candidates are:

Little Thurrock Rectory

KELLY Tom, (Conservative)

OFFORD Vincent William,( Labour)


Vince Offord has been at the forefront of local life for many years, whether it was with community forums or citizens rights. He always has much to contribute to the political scene in the borough.

And as for UKIP. they received 31% of the vote last time. We think they will come second and receive less than 25% of the vote. But we would’t wager on Wager….

YT prediction: Cons hold.


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